What they are and how to disable the google bloatware app in the MIUI rom

Welcome back guys! I present you a very simple tutorial to get one ROM lighter in the device in our possession. Let's begin by specifying what these are bloatware (translatable into Italian with inflated program) installed in our device.

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global
Xiaomi Redmi 7 Global

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Generally, in our terminal we find a dozen apps bloatware, most of the time with mysterious and not very understandable features. Often these are trial versions of paid applications, installed with the aim of inducing the user to purchase the full version. Or small utility developed directly by the smartphone manufacturer and used to collect personal data and user information.
The problem? They can not be eliminated, or at least not as easily as one might hope. Most of the smartphones Android, even our beloved ones Xiaomi, they leave the factory with a rich suite of applications already installed in memory.

Do you want to activate the gesture on the display of your Xiaomi? Here is the solution!

An example? Hangouts, is a messaging app that only uses data and battery connection. I never used it, and you?


* This tutorial is exclusively for those who own a Xiaomi smartphone with any MIUI GLOBAL ROM (8 or 9). Warning, you do not need unlocked or root bootloader. Furthermore, we remind you that the Xiaomitoday team is exempt from any damage, layoffs, exploded terminals, thermonuclear wars and much more ... 🙂

Requirements to disable Google's bloatware apps

  • Xiaomi device with MIUI GLOBAL (8 or 9);


Go to the settings of your Xiaomi device, then in "Additional settings". Press "Language" and change the language to English (United Kingdom).


Open the Google Play Store and in the sidebar you will find the "Help & Feedback";

Then click on "Browse all articles";

Scroll down until you find "Delete or disable apps on android";

Click on "Tap to go to Aplication Settings".



Here is an alphabetical list of all the apps on your terminal. Press on the one you want to disable (for example: hangouts). Then click on the "Disable" button.


Well done! Now you can safely re-enable the default language

* NOTE: if you want to cancel this operation, repeat this guide and finally click on the "Enable" button (see 3 pass)

Smartphone manufacturers and telephone operators have made sure that only a user with system administrator privileges (root permissions) can delete these applications from the device memory. But with this simple guide we overcome this obstacle!



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Roberto Piffari
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Roberto Piffari

Tested working on Mi5 with Rom Global Stable

- Duo
- Chrome
- Google Play Music
- Google Play Movies & TV
- Photos

- Google Pinyin Input

We hope we have not broken anything.

Thank you!

Kevin Nicola Crisanti
not ready yet
Kevin Nicola Crisanti

Thank you! 🙂

not ready yet

Thanks you were brilliant !!

Dario Castaldo
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Dario Castaldo

great! after a long time thanks to your guide I succeeded !!

Dario Castaldo
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Dario Castaldo

thank you so much you've solved the problem!

Dario Castaldo
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Dario Castaldo

thank you so much you have solved the problem !!

not ready yet

Super thx.

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