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DJI Aeroscope: goodbye to the drone monitoring system

It was precisely a year ago when we talked about the criticality of the DJI Aeroscope identification system. More than a critical issue, a very important controversy arose within a context of war: Ukraine accused the Chinese company of "playing the game" of its Russian enemies in controlling drones. As? Using the system Aeroscopes. Well, today we come to know a little surprise that the Colossus has stopped its production.

Perhaps due to the war in Ukraine or perhaps for other reasons, the Chinese company has decided to no longer produce DJI Aeroscope

In accordance to announced on the DJI website, Aeroscope will no longer be produced. The reasons are not clear: the stop in production could have occurred due to the war in Ukraine or also for other reasons. It is plausible to think that everything is due to privacy issues but so far the company has not released any communication on the matter.

dji mavic 3 drone
The DJI Mavic 3 drone

What is DJI Aeroscope

Aeroscope is a radio frequency monitoring system used for locate and track DJI drones. It is a portable device capable of detecting the presence of DJI drones within a radius of a few kilometers, allowing security personnel and competent authorities to to locate the drone and its operator quickly.

DJI Aeroscope works by detecting radio emissions from the DJI drone, including the drone's control signals and video transmitted by its camera. The device can detect the presence of a DJI drone, as well as its approximate location, its altitude and its speed. In addition, Aeroscope can also identify the serial number of the drone DJI, which allows authorities to track the drone's activities and identify the owner.

The Aeroscope system was developed to ensure public safety and to prevent invasion of privacy. The system can be used by security personnel, such as law enforcement and military, but also by companies that want to protect their property or event from unwanted drone intrusions.

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