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Offer - Alfawise S60 Pro Windows Cleaner Robot at 135 € 2 Warranty Years Europe

Stop worrying about cleaning your windows and let Alfawise S60 Pro, a comfortable and extremely efficient robot. Take advantage of the offer:


During cleaning, this robotic helper is able to calculate the most efficient route to clean our windows in the best way possible, like a common automatic vacuum cleaner. The microfibre cloths offer complete cleaning and the intelligent systems prevent the battery from falling in the event of a battery failure (like “last resort there is also a very strong safety cable). Remote control via app optimizes cleaning, allowing us to set various motion modes and allowing us to directly control the device. You may be wondering what the robot does, isn't it? Well, it's very simple: it uses the creation of a vacuum through the air intake to remain firmly anchored to the glass!

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Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

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