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The Celestron STCW-70 Xiaomi Telescope on offer at 91 € from Europe

Are you fond of the sky? or all those little wonders that are part of nature but that you can hardly observe (maybe because if we get too close they run away ..)? Today I want to point out a perfect low cost object to start getting familiar with the fantastic world of telescopes! I'm talking about an excellent product born from the binomial Celestron (leading company in the sector) and Xiaomi Youpin, the Celestron STCW-70 telescope!

CELESTRON SCTW-70 Xiaomi Youpin Astronomical Telescope
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (15 / 20gg, No Customs) ✈
156 € 249 €

Everything will arrive in a well-sealed box which in turn will contain three boxes, namely the body of the telescope, the tripod and the lenses.

The body of the telescope measures about 50cm and is quite light (made of aluminum), well protected by the box and carrying case that you will have included in the price! As for the technical characteristics we find a 70mm focal aperture and a 500mm focal length. The good level multilayer lenses will allow us to obtain a more than good rendering of the celestial vault, if we then consider the price we can also define it as excellent!

The tripod where to say that surprised me! Really very well made of steel, robust, stable and with a 360 ° rotatable platform, excellent feature that will allow us, once placed, not to have to move it no matter what the area to be scrutinized. The response of the lever to raise and lower the view is also good, simple to obtain the right angle and comfortable fixing.

In the lens box we will find: the fitting to connect the eyepieces to the telescope, a 20mm eyepiece that will return you a 25x magnification, a 10mm eyepiece for a 50x magnification, an aspherical 4mm for a 125mm magnification (a little complicated by use), a 2x barlow lens (focal multiplier) that can double all the magnifications, a smartphone holder with which we can capture everything we see and the 6 × 24 optical viewfinder useful for pointing to the precise area where we will then go to see what which is of our interest.
As I said, the 4mm aspherical eyepiece does not return a perfect vision as the 10 and 20mm do, perhaps because of the exaggerated magnification .. my advice is to use the 10 and 20mm.

The assembly takes a few minutes, in fact the telescope body will be fixed on the tripod, the viewfinder and the eyepiece fitting connected. Then all you have to do is choose the eyepiece that suits your view. I'm not an expert on the subject, but it really took me very little time to be operational.

For the less experienced (including me) it will not be easy to extricate yourself in the sky, but with a little practice you will be able to get great results! In fact, with the support of a friend of mine, I managed to see Jupiter and Venus! Instead, the moon is within everyone's reach, which we could then capture with our smartphone.

In short, with very little expense you will take away the satisfactions! In fact, with our coupon, you can buy it from GOOD BANG at a truly exceptional price with priority shipping (no customs) practically included in the price!

From today on offer we also find the most advanced model, the CELESTRON SCTW-80!

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CELESTRON SCTW-70 Xiaomi Youpin Astronomical Telescope
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (15 / 20gg, No Customs) ✈
156 € 249 €

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