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Discount Code - DJI Spark 2KM FPV with 12MP 2-Axis Mechanical Gimbal Camera Fly More combo at 266 €

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DJ Spark is a small drone designed to capture your most beautiful moments. Equipped with a variety of intelligent flight modes, you can take incredible photos with the 12 Mpx sensor.

Capable of recording Full HD videos for more than 15 minutes, this fantastic drone is usable by simply moving our hands! Spark is in fact equipped with facial recognition technology and after take-off (extremely fast) it will follow us and respond to our movements, allowing us to take photos and videos instantly. The excellent stabilization system and the CMOS sensor guarantee high image quality. The DJI app allows you to create and share videos in just a few taps, while the smart functions of the drone promise a safe flight, thanks to the "return home" functions and autonomous battery management. Absolutely not to forget is the functionality (not present in the BNF model, less expensive) that allows you to transmit the image to an associated smartphone: this will allow us to monitor live the various shots up to 2 kilometers away, receiving images in HD. .

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