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I must admit that I have always been attracted to gadgets that are a bit "maranza", those full of lights and colors, the ones you hardly see in friends' houses!

Well, today I want to point out a LED lamp with all the above features that will surely amaze all your friends! The utorch R9S!


The lamp arrives in a fairly anonymous cardboard box and inside we will find: lamp base, lamp (which will connect via a simple physical connection), remote control, power cable + power supply, instruction booklet (including Italian language!)


Absolutely simple and intuitive: in the base you will find the "female" connector and in the lamp the "male" connector. In 5 seconds flat you will have mounted your new device!


After assembling the lamp and connecting the power supply (with power supply compatible with our electrical sockets), just turn it on from the remote control and enjoy all the light games you have available, and they are really many.

From the remote control you can choose 6 modes using the "mode" button and 2 using the "auto" button. From all these modes, you can then choose the color, the multiple color variations and the speed (4 different speeds) of the scene change. In the "mode" there will also be the possibility to change the intensity of the brightness from the "bulb" button, to be exact 4 different intensities.

Then there are other settings that can be set from the remote control, memorizing your favorite scenes and recalling them quickly without having to scroll through them all.

Here are the 6 MODE modes in detail:

  1. Static effect (fixed color): Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Marine Water-Pink-Warm White
  2. Tracking: colored LED trail that increases and will fill the whole lamp (possible colors: Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Marine Water-Pink-Warm White)
  3. Button: single button color (possible colors: Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Marine Water-Pink-Warm White)
  4. Fixed tracking: colored LED trail that occupies half the lamp and turns (possible colors: Red-Green-Blue-Yellow-Marine Water-Pink-Warm White)
  5. 3-color chase: 3 colors that chase and light up the whole lamp (6 different combinations)
  6. 3-color chase: 3 chasing colors and only 3 small lamp sections (6 different combinations)

Here are the 3 AUTO modes in detail:

  1. Swirls of rainbow color
  2. Button color cycle
  3. Static color cycle

With the MEM key it will be possible to save up to 10 favorite combinations and the default one that will be enabled when the lamp is switched on.

What else to add .. if like me you are attracted by the play of color you will not be able to do without this beautiful design lamp!

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Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

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