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[Discount Code] Tanix TX2 Tv Box 2 / 16 Gb to 20 €

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The TX2 TV box by Tanix is ​​extremely cheap but still manages to guarantee quality entertainment! Now available at this figure:

This tv box is really easy to use, starting with the installation, which only requires connecting to the WiFi network and poco other. The implementation of the RJ45 standards, Bluetooth 2.0 and the 2.4GHz Wireless connection give the product a fair versatility. The 2 Gb of RAM combined with the ARM Cortex-A7 CPU are a guarantee of fluidity in the menus (Android 6.0 helps in this) and during concrete use. Obviously 4K resolution supported.

Proceed with the purchase from the PC and log in to the gearbest.com website, otherwise the code will not be valid

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