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Offer - Xiaomi thermohygrometers from 10 €

Today we offer you Xiaomi precision thermohygrometers, comfortable and functional products, suitable for every home. Take advantage of the offer now:

These products are very useful for those who need to always have the environmental values ​​of their home under control. The ability to connect the thermostat to other Xiaomi equipment allows the automatic start of the air conditioner, humidifier and much more. The values ​​are accessible in an instant thanks to remote access via BT. Measurements are accurate, with a maximum margin of error of 0,1 °.

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Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

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5 years ago

Thermostat? It is a thermo-hygrometer instead.

6 years ago

Good morning, but does the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth work? thank you

a customer writes
No wifi, only bluetooth.
another writes
It is bluetooth and no wifi, to check the temperature from the remote you need to the bluetooth gateway.
another writes
requires bluetooth gateway for automation to trigger action based on condition
without gateway only direct bluetooth connection from phone is possible (you won't be able to see the results if you are away from your home network as there is no gateway to relay this data to cloud)