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Xiaomi and Redmi Soundbar are on offer starting from 53 €!

This offer today is dedicated to Xiaomi and Redmi Soundbar, the perfect products for those who want to boost their home entertainment. Today available at an unmissable price thanks to our offer:

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These excellent soundbars offer quality sound, thanks to the 8 audio units: 2 treble speakers, 4 passive radiators and 2 2,5 ″ woofers. The bluetooth technology and the various interfaces guarantee great versatility in connectivity (we find in fact optical cable, aux, rc cable and spdif). The design of the soundbar is elegant and fits perfectly into any decor. Installation is quick and easy and requires no special operations.

Also available from today the new 2020 versions and the highly anticipated Soundbar by Redmi!

So if you want to give body to the sound of your TV and you have a limited budget, our advice is to focus on these Xiaomi products with an excellent quality / price ratio. As always, we remind you that offers are limited in the number of pieces available.

All offers for Xiaomi and Redmi Soundbar

🔊 Xiaomi 100W BT 5.0 + 6.5 Inches Subwoofer Home Theater 2.1 at 156 € from EU warehouse
🇪🇺 FREE EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs) ✈

🔊 XIAOMI MDZ-27-DA 33-inch TV Soundbar Bluetooth Audio Speaker at 71 € from EU stock
🇪🇺 FREE EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs) ✈

🔊 Redmi Wired and Wireless Bluetooth TV SoundBar for € 53
💰 Coupon: BGCNRMGT
🇨🇳 EU Priority Line Shipping (No Customs) ✈

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8 months ago

Yesterday I went to the store there
advertising and my request for the 10 lite was not recommended to me. You know when it arrives in Italy

8 months ago

I went to the Vodafone shop to get news of my 10lite, I was told that those who took it from them brought it back for malfunction so they did not recommend it, is it true what do you know?

9 months ago

Great thanks for the suggestions Cristiano. What advice between the new redmi and the old xiaomi? - ​​The Italian community for Xiaomi products