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Discount Code - Xiaomi Mi Sonic Electric Toothbrush at € 26

Experience the thrill of an incomparable dental cleaning thanks to the technology offered by the Xiaomi electric toothbrush! Take advantage of the coupon for a discount:

Price updated on: 19 January 2021 5:56

The Xiaomi electric toothbrush offers optimal comfort and deep cleaning thanks to the highly efficient magnetic levitation motor. A function allows you to reduce the power of the vibration in order to thoroughly clean the gums as well. There are also smart features, accessible through the application, which allow you to adjust some parameters, such as brushing time, its power, etc. Furthermore, the 6 sensors of the toothbrush analyze the gestures of the brush, providing a report of the level of cleanliness obtained at the end of the wash, which will allow us to improve the efficiency of the procedure.

Price updated on: 19 January 2021 5:56

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