Offer - Xiaomi Fimi Palm 4K 100Mps camera stabilizer at 134 €

Here is the product that we were all waiting for, especially at the price we were waiting for! The real competitor of the DJI Pocket or the brand new Xiaomi FIMI PALM an extraordinary device that together is a camera and stabilizer! 3-axis stabilizer, 128 ° 4K 30fps 100mbps wide angle camera, 1000mAh battery (240minutes FHD) all in just 120gr !!

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Here are the detailed technical features:

Main features:
● Portability: The 30,5 x 22,7 x 127,0mm body weighs only 120g. The lightweight and compact design makes the PALM highly portable.
● Gimbal stabilizer at 3 axes.
● 128 Ultra wide-angle lens
● Image 4K UHD 100Mbps
● 240 minutes battery life: The PALM adopts a Hisilicon SoC and a high-capacity lithium battery to give you excellent battery life.
● Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: the PALM can be connected to your smartphone via integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. During filming, remote control and transmission allow for easy preview and smarter gimbal camera control. You can also download movies wirelessly on your phone and edit them via the app.
● Intelligent tracking: the PALM is able to recognize human faces automatically and follow them. Or you can tap on a subject on the touchscreen to keep it in focus.
● Story Mode: the app provides a series of transition effects and background music. You can easily transform your footage into a professional film video.
● Built-in microphone and microphone: with the base, you can directly connect a high quality microphone from 3,5 mm to the PALM so you will have more possibilities for external audio recording.
● Joystick to 5 way to facilitate PALM control.
● 4 Shooting mode.
● Video options: timelapse, motionlapse, hyperapse, long exposure, night video, 3x stabilized zoom, HEVC encoding for excellent image quality.
● Display with 240 resolution x 240; 1,22 inches.

Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
Battery Duration: 240 minutes (1080P / 30 fps video recording time)
Lens: super wide-angle 128 °
Video Shooting: 4K / 30fps
Max. Resolution: 4K 100 Mbps
Accuracy: ± 0,02 °
Controllable range: -240 ° ~ 60 ° (Overview) ± 90 ° (tilucent) ± 45 ° C (Rolling)

All offers for FIMI Palm

-41% Offer - Xiaomi Fimi Palm 4K 100Mps camera stabilizer at 134 €

FIMI PALM Gimbal Camera 4K 30fps 100Mbps

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134€ 229€

Offer - Xiaomi Fimi Palm 4K 100Mps camera stabilizer at 134 €

FIMI PALM Gimbal Camera 4K 30fps 100Mbps

🇨🇳 Priority Line Collection (10 / 15gg, No Customs) ✈

313€ 313€

FIMI Palm review

Review FIMI PALM a jewel of palm technology

Review FIMI PALM a jewel of palm technology

I always find it very difficult to define this object because in fact not a real category: in fact yes ...

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4 months ago

Hi I also purchased in pre-order in November to January I requested a refund I had no problems. Regards

Raimondo Collia
Raimondo Collia
7 months ago

Avoid Gearbest like the plague.
Booked the Palm on 20 November, settled as requested by them on 7 January, with delivery between 14 and 25 January, it is still unknown when they will ship it
If we were in Italy I would say that they are preparing for a big bang

5 months ago

I confirm, I had purchased the pre-order in December the Fimi Palm welded in January had to send it to me in late January. They had finished it, I waited a month and then they chased out the excuse of the coronavirus in Italy, when shipments to Rome were working normally. I broke down and asked for a return ,, hopefully good. But never again at Gearbest and not even in Banggood that I spent months to return a defective product, spending shipping money and eventually reimbursed by Paypal who proved me right and not from them. NEVER AGAIN and now more than ever

5 months ago

sorry, but the money is taken from Italy. you know what this SCAM is called.

Axel NWI
Axel NWI
6 months ago

Maybe they refund but you lose the pre-order money right?

Raimondo Collia
Raimondo Collia
7 months ago

No no, it is Gearbest itself to expire. In October I purchased a Xiaomi Walkpad from them, an identical one came to me, but not Xiaomi, since it did not connect with my entire ecosystem. At my protests, first they proposed to send it back to me at my expense, then they recognized me a substantial discount.
Now this problem with the Palm, which they should have sent, since I booked it on the first day, long before the coronavirus problem.
In addition, in December, buy mini sdcards, sold as available, but not shipped.
They are NOT more reliable

9 months ago

Am depus garantia de $ 10, imi puteti spune cand trebuie platit restul banilor? O sa fiu contactat de Gearbest?
As had inca or intrebare, aici https://www.firstquadcopter.com/news/fimi-palm-4k-handheld-gimbal-camera/ scrie ca FP stie doar 30fps, acesta este or informatie sigura?

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