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Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop Mop at 127 €

Say goodbye to the traditional hook and start cleaning the floors seriously with the Xiaomi rated electric version! Minimal effort and maximum yield! Take advantage of the coupon:

With an autonomy of 50 minutes given by the 2000mAh battery, this fantastic mop guarantees superlative cleaning, using a super efficient high frequency technology. To help with cleaning, Xiaomi has equipped the instrument with an LED light that allows you to identify any trace of dirt. The spray function allows you to concentrate on the most stubborn traces, watering down the affected area, thus facilitating operations. The swivel handle is long and allows a comfortable use that does not tire the back, while the design of the cloth is designed to fit into the narrowest spaces of our home. The package includes three different types of fabric, each designed for different purposes.

Xiaomi Handheld Electric Mop SWDK D260 Electric Mop
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127 € 165 €

♻️ XIAOMI Mijia Wireless Handheld Electric Mop
💰 Price: 148 €
Buy➡https: //xiaomi.today/3mHogpJ
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Michele Fiore
Michele Fiore
2 years ago

But how do you wash only with water? In hot water and detergents?

Mauro G
Mauro G
3 years ago

I logged in to Gearbest, clicked on the link you indicated and the price offered is not 94 € but 119 €. Is the coupon still valid?

3 years ago
Reply to  Mauro G

You must enter the discount code when you are in the shopping cart

Mauro G
Mauro G
3 years ago
Reply to  Simone

Problem solved, thank you. I have an extension in the browser that blocks pop-up windows, so it does not pop up with the coupon,

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