The ROIDMI NEX 2 vacuum cleaner washes floors for € 350 shipping from EU

The ROIDMI NEX is a new cordless vacuum cleaner of the famous Xiaomi and represents the updated version of the ROIDMI F8. Powerful and easy to use, the ROIDMI NEX cordless electric vacuum cleaner is equipped with a Engine-X brushless motor, which generates 120,000rpm per minute it's a power of 23500 Pa e 145AW.

roidmi nex

In terms of autonomy, Xiaomi Roidmi NEX Vacuum Cleaner thanks to BMS-X technology (Battery Management System) and 2500mAh battery guarantees continuous use up to 60 minutes.

Thanks to the many accessories in the package, you will be able to easily clean even the most difficult to reach spaces. In fact, in the package they are present two large brushes e a smaller brush which can be used on different surfaces.

It equipped with a water tank from 160 ml positioned on the back of the brush, the ROIDMI NEX cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to sweep and wash the floor at the same time. The brushes have been created specifically to avoid being damaged in contact with liquids and to leave no water residues that could ruin the wooden floors.

The special Air-X Dust Separation technology increases efficiency and avoids blockage of the floor nozzle and thanks to an 6 system multi-cyclonic phases it separates air and dust flawlessly, maintaining a strong suction for longer. Practice LED light

 allows you to see the floor even in poor lighting conditions. The integrated light sensor illuminates automatically under the sofa, bed and other corners

From today also available the new improved version, Roidmi Nex 2 and Roidmi Nex 2 PRO!

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XIAOMI ROIDMI NEX Electric Broom Wireless floor cleaner from EU warehouse
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283€ 399€

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