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Here is DJI's first ebike: Amflow PL has a price that will not please, but also anything you need to fly

Known for its innovative drones, DJI introduces its first electric bike, Amflow PL, a carbon fiber ebike, due later this year. This bike features an Avinox mid-motor and a fast-charging battery, designed to compete with established brands such as Bosch and Specialized, thanks to its features Advanced and design light.

Official DJI Amflow PL: it is the company's first ebike

The Amflow PL represents the cutting edge of the Avinox system, offering a maximum torque of 120Nm and a 1000W boost power, capable of tackling the most demanding slopes. The central engine, extremely silent, has a nominal power of 250W and can reach a peak of 850W. There 800Wh removable battery charges quickly, going from zero to 75% in just 1,5 hours with Amflow's 2A/508W GaN charger.

Despite the power and battery capacity, the Amflow PL maintains a weight of only 19,2 kg thanks to 2,27kg carbon fiber frame and the 2,52 kg Avinox traction system. This balance between performance and lightness makes it a very attractive option for mountain bikers.

dji Amflow PL driven by an expert pilot under the trees

The bike is equipped with a two-inch color OLED display integrated into the frame and an Avinox app that allows wireless access to riding data. An alarm system warns in case of problems and reports the position of the bike via the app. Four pedal-assist modes, including an automatic mode that adjusts power based on ground resistance, complete the picture. Additional features include a USB port for charging your phone or the on-board computer, a complete suspension system from Fox and a compatible chassis with 27,5-inch and 29-inch rear wheels.

The Amflow PL will be available in the fourth quarter of 2024, with a price between €7.000 and €12.000, positioning itself as a direct competitor to premium sport e-IKEs such as Specialized's Turbo series. DJI plans to sell the Amflow PL through authorized resellers in Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.

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