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DJI has released an online drone simulator - here's how to play it

DJI is the best known company in the world when it comes to drones. In his catalog they exist quadricotteri (and not only) of all types: give more film professionals to the more user friendly and economical ones. Lately DJI has launched a drone simulator that allows users to use its products online, digitally. Let's see how it works and how to access it. Spoiler: It's only in Chinese for now, but it's still usable.

Here's how to play the DJI drone simulator that the brand has just released. A taste of how its products are used

Enthusiasts have found a free drone simulator on the DJI brand website. The company has not officially presented it, but it is fully functional: in the game it is possible to fly over the metropolis, take pictures, record videos and even destroy a virtual quadcopter. The system requirements of the title are low - it runs directly in the browser. After loading, pilot instructions appear on the screen. It is presented in Chinese, but is duplicated by English layout designs, so it is intuitive. We can then evaluate our virtual drone piloting skills at this link.

DJI Inspire 3

The management is carried out by WASD keys and arrow buttons. We can switch from first person to third person view with the C key, control the camera unit, and with R and F and P and L we will be helped to take a photo or record a video respectively. The game it's free, but after some time from the start of the virtual flight, an advertising link appears on the screen leading to the website of the brand's official online store.

It is worth mentioning that DJI Aeroscopes, the radio frequency monitoring system used to locate and track DJI drones, will no longer be produced. The reasons are not clear: the stop in production could have occurred due to the war in Ukraine or also for other reasons. It is plausible to think that everything is due to privacy issues but so far the company has not released any communication on the matter.

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