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[Discount Code] DJI Phantom 3 SE to 415 €

Today we offer you another drone from the famous Phantom targat DJI line! This is the Phantom 3 SE. now available at a super attractive price:

Probably the best value for money aircraft of the entire Phantom series, the 3 SE is able to offer an exciting flying experience, thanks to its 57 km / h top speed, the range of 4 kilometers and the autonomy of 25 minutes! Equipped with a 12 Mpx sensor with 94 degree FOV, this drone will record stunning footage in 4K quality. Vision Positioning technology offers guarantees during use indoors and is complementary to GPS tracking. Furthermore, various intelligent flight functions such as Point of Interest, Course Lock, Automatic Hover and Automatic Return can be activated.

Proceed with the purchase from the PC and log in to the gearbest.com website, otherwise the code will not be valid

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