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Where can I repair my Xiaomi

Did you damage your smartphone? Broken display? Finished in the water? Does not it turn on anymore? The question that will assail you is obvious: "And now? Who do I bring for the repair "?

For some months now, when you ask us where to repair your phone, we recommend the assistance center iMania .

The collaboration with the iMania service center has begun in an unofficial way for some time now, and today this silent partnership has created a real collaboration that has allowed us to offer a quality service with a certain amount of discount depending on the device repaired.

So if you have to repair your smartphone, leaning on the iMania website, inserting our coupon Xiaomitoday0711 you can get a discount from 5 € to 20 € valid for the first repair.

How to use the discount code: the system to repair your Xiaomi smartphone or tablet is very simple. Connecting to THIS ADDRESS you will find a contact form where to specify name surname, city, model of smartphone / tablet etc. After this you will find a fillable part entitled (describe Damage), where, after defining the type of damage, you will have to write Xiaomitoday0711 to take advantage of your discount code.

Requested your quote by entering, our discount code, you will be applied a discount from 5 to 20 € depending on your request.

The discount is applied according to the model of device, some smartphones have a price of spare parts where you can apply a larger discount, for others unfortunately it is not possible.

Support for Xiaomi devices only? On the iMania website you can find repairs for all the major brands of smartphones, in addition to this in the contact page (HERE THE LINK) special repairs can be requested on less popular devices. Even here our Coupon will be valid!

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Mirko Panichi

I have invited 2 times a request for a quote, but they have not replied ... How do these work? 🙁

not ready yet

Hi Mirko, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we do not find a request from (Mirko Panichi).
If you tell me the phone model, the problem, and the email that used for the request we verify immediately.

I'm sorry for this problem.
I will verify personally

Walter Camarella

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