Dreame D10 Plus the new powerful and economical robot vacuum cleaner - Review

Dream D10 Plus is the new robot of the "middle" range of Dreame who has chosen to play it safe with a remake of the excellent Dreame Z10 Pro. We therefore find a lot of power, reliability and precision in cleaning.

Features are notable and rare to find in this price range:

  • 46W brushless motor nominal
  • Suction pressure 4000 Pa
  • 5.200 mAh battery
  • Double navigation system LIDAR + vSLAM
  • Simultaneous washing / aspiration
  • 600W self-emptying base
Dreame D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Scrubber with Automatic Dust Emptying, LiDAR Navigation Obstacle Detection, Suction ...
2 December 2022 7: 24
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Price updated on: 2 December 2022 7:24

Classic design but advanced navigation

The Dreame D10 Plus has a classic design with the top where the classic stands out LIDAR turret and the 2 buttons for charging and switching on / off. The maximum dimensions are 350x350x96.8mm for a weight of about 3.6kg

Il Dream D10 Pro takes advantage of the tried and tested Laser LIDAR navigation system which is able to map an environment of 100 square meters in just 8 minutes, thanks to the laser signals that bounce into the surrounding environment. The mapping, as well as the navigation, are supported byexcellent algorithm that Dreame has developed and improved over the years.

The sensor set is completed with the front infrared one able to recognize and anticipate obstacles while driving and further sensors 4 placed in the lower part that deal with the anti-fall system (from the steps, eg.) and the carpet recognition which allows the vacuum cleaner to increase power automatically.

The result is flawless navigation, always fluid that optimizes routes to save time without neglecting the less accessible areas of the room.

La 5200mAh battery is stratospheric and guarantees impressive autonomy. In the tests carried out, it manages to cover a 120sqm house in "high power" mode using only 40% of the battery. We also have the "resume cleaning" function which sends the robot back to the base when the battery is almost empty, and then resumes cleaning when the charge is optimal.

It sucks with great power and washes at the same time

A feature for which the Dream D10 Plus is appreciated is the powerful brushless motor capable of develop a suction pressure of 4000Pa which working together with the roller provides remarkable performance. In the classic tests with flour, cereals and coffee - he knew how to aspire almost everything already first step - even on my floor which has very deep grout tiles.

Where particularly convinced me was in the carpets: the sensor recognizes the surface and increases the power to the maximum. Here the 4000Pa of suction and the Dreame quality are appreciated with more than discreet results in a context that always puts these products in crisis.

Using the appropriate 145ml tank, the Dreame D10 Plus is able to wash simultaneously with suction. It also incorporates a solenoid valve that allows us to choose the amount of water to be dispensed. Unfortunately the surface of the cloth being dragged is small gets very dirty in a short time.

Washing is therefore not the strong point of this robot but it is still useful for "refreshing" the floor in a single pass during vacuuming.

The Dreame D10 pro amazes for its silence (only 80db) even more than for the power thanks to its five-state noise reduction system: sound-absorbing cotton, suction duct made on the basis of fluid dynamics, optimization of the mechanics to reduce vibrations.

Dreame D10 Plus empties itself

From the point of view of cleaning the Dreame D10 Plus proved to be a real marvel thanks to the great power, the silence, the capacious 400ml powder container and the ability to overcome 2cm obstacles.

But on a product of this caliber, the convenient self-emptying function could not be missing.

After each cleaning, the robot returns to its own base which is able to empty the internal tank for dirt, transferring the dust into the bag (in the package you will find two) inside it. The bag is airtight and therefore allows emptying to be carried out in a simple and clean way. The bag has a capacity of 2.5L which is enough for about 45 days of cleaning.

The Dreame D10 Plus uses an ingenious emptying system: the air flow travels in two directions, blowing and sucking at the same time, increasing the effectiveness and reducing the risk of obstruction of the ducts.

The base is able to identify any obstructions and automatically force self-cleaning. Finally, periodically the base will extend the suction time for carry out a more thorough cleaning of the ducts.

Xiaomi Home - The Robot management app

To take advantage of the excellent technical characteristics we have acompanion app included in the application Xiaomi Home, available for both Android and Apple, made really well and that offers many functions. The application is in Italian as well as the voice available for the robot's voice feedback.

  • Subdivision by rooms
  • Subdivision by floors
  • Selective cleaning of zones, rooms and customized sequence
  • Enabling disabling of areas where to clean or wash
  • Virtual walls
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Selection of suction power
  • Selection of the amount of water to use
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Cleaning history

The robot is also compatible with Alexa which allows us to give it voice commands to start and stop cleaning.

Dreame Bot D10 Plus - Conclusions, Price and Introductory Offer

IThe Dreame D10 Plus is a great robot which is appreciated for its suction performance and always precise navigation. Everything works fine, including the self-emptying system which is an undoubted convenience.

The washing function, on the other hand, is very “basic” from which one cannot expect too much. The cloth, as well as the sembatoio, are small and suitable only for a freshening on the floor.

Sales of the Dreame D10 Pro have just started and is already available on Amazon with an introductory offer of 399 € thanks to the discount of 100 € which you will find on this page. More than affordable price considering the features, the actual performances and the great Dreame quality.

Dreame D10 Plus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Scrubber with Automatic Dust Emptying, LiDAR Navigation Obstacle Detection, Suction ...
2 December 2022 7: 24
The Amazon Amazon.it
Price updated on: 2 December 2022 7:24

8.4 Total score
Dream Bot D10 Plus

The Dreame D10 Plus is an excellent robot with a great suction power of 4000Pa combined with an excellent navigation system that make it a real bestbuy thanks to the competitive price. The new self-emptying function, particularly advanced and effective in this product, increases the comfort and the feeling that "he does it all".

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