Dreame L10 Pro is the unbeatable 4000pa robot vacuum cleaner

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If you have read / seen my recent review of the Dreame T20 you will understand with what expectations I awaited the Dream L10 Pro, the new robot vacuum cleaner by Dreamer.

In package, in addition to the robot, we find the charging base and its cable, comb for cleaning, water tank, reusable mop for washing, manual in Italian.

La initial configuration it's really that simple. Being a product fully compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem, we just need to add the "new product" from the Xiaomi Home application available for both Android and Apple.

Il design it is quite classic but the attention to detail and the quality of the product is immediately perceived. In addition to the classic LIDAR turret, in the upper part we find the 3 buttons for the return to charge, the on / off and the spot cleaning. From the front, only the large SLAM sensor stands out.
The maximum dimensions are 350x350x96.8mm for a weight of 3.7kg

Robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro
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€296 €501

The charging base is small and allows you to recharge the battery 5200mAh in about 4 hours providing sufficient autonomy to clean surfaces of 200sqm at medium power.

The first big feature of this Dream L10 Pro is the double navigation system LIDAR + SLAM that combines the best of both technologies. There LIDAR turret, thanks to the laser pulses, it deals with the mapping of the environments and the orientation in them. The optical sensor, thanks algorithm SLAM on the other hand, it is able to recognize objects in the house more precisely than the classic infrared anti-collisions, helping the algorithm to create more efficient and faster paths.

The set of sensors is completed with an additional 4 places at the bottom and take care of the anti-fall system (from the steps, eg.) and the carpet recognition which allows the vacuum cleaner to increase power automatically.

Another feature for which the Dream L10 Pro is the powerful 46W nominal brushless motor that develops a suction power of 4000pa, well beyond those of the competition that are around 2600/2800. Indeed, the robot was able to generate a thorough cleaning even on the carpets and without the need to use maximum power. A real wonder.

The Dreame L10 pro amazes for its silence (only 65db) even more than for the power thanks to its five-state noise reduction system: sound-absorbing cotton, suction duct made on the basis of fluid dynamics, optimization of the mechanics to reduce vibrations. And actually the difference with the already excellent Roborock S6 it is perceptible.

From the point of view of cleaning the Dreame L10 pro proved to be a real marvel thanks to the great power, the silence, the capacious 570ml powder container and the ability to overcome 2cm obstacles

Obviously Dreame L10 pro does not only take care of suction but at the same time it can also to wash. The 270ml tank it can be mounted if necessary together with the washable and reusable cloth. The robot will drag the cloth with a yield that is more similar to a polishing but which is still able to remove less stubborn stains. The tank incorporates a solenoid valve which regulates the passage of water accurately and not by "dripping" as in many products with an external tank.

As in all robots with an external tank, the capacity is limited and the ability to overcome obstacles is difficult but there is more space inside for the dust compartment.

THEemptying operation is simple, just lift the top cover, lift the container and empty it by opening the flap. The interlocking filter can be washed taking care not to damage its fan-shaped structure and allowing it to dry for at least 24 hours.

Dreame L10 Pro and the Xiaomi Home app

To take advantage of the excellent technical characteristics we have acompanion app really well made and that offers many functions. The application is in Italian as well as the voice available for the robot's voice feedback

  • Subdivision by rooms
  • Subdivision by floors
  • Selective cleaning of areas or rooms
  • Enabling disabling of areas where to clean or wash
  • Virtual walls
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Selection of suction power
  • Selection of the amount of water to use
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Cleaning history

The robot is compatible with Alexa.

Conclusions and Offer

The Dreame L10 Pro stands out for its great power and advanced navigation system which denote a propensity to aspiration and superior to any other model on the market.

Washing, albeit with limitations, is still functional. If you have no special needs, it is enough to freshen up the floors.

Basically I really liked everything and if we exclude the absence of automatic emptying that begins to appear on recent products, we are close to perfection.

Robot Dreame Bot L10 Pro
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
€296 €501
8.5 Total score
Dream L10 Pro

Extremely powerful and with a very advanced navigation system, Dreame L10 Pro is able to satisfy all needs also thanks to the washing of floors.

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