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Dreame L10 Ultra is the best all-rounder robot that changes your life

After the presentation of the L10SPro and L10S Ultra, the L10 family from Dreame Tech expands with the new Dream L10 Ultra. A very high-end model but designed for those who do not want to spend a fortune. I tried it for two weeks and I tell you about it.

What's in the box?

Dreame L10 Ultra full view

DreameTech is a bit stingy in its endowment and this thing is a bit out of place especially on a product of this range. In the package we find:

  • Robot vacuum cleaner
  • Charging/self-cleaning base
  • Basic power cord
  • Base cleaning brush
  • 2 holders for floor washing mops
  • 2 Mops for washing floors
  • Rotating brush (to be assembled)
  • 2 dust bags
  • Multilingual user manual

In essence, beyond the basic equipment, there is only an additional dust bag.

Dreame L10 Ultra robot design and specifications

Il Dream L10 Ultra has the classic circular shape of diameter 35cm and high 9.7cm with a weight of 3.7Kg. It is proposed only in white, classic and discreet.

In the upper part, in addition to the typical turret for the LIDAR sensor which takes care of detecting the environment, there are also three buttons dedicated to the primary functions: on and off; return to the charging base; start spot cleaning. Opening the top cover gives access to the large 350ml powder container and 180ml clean water container.

Frontally we find the optical sensor “High precision 3D” which, in combination with the laser sensor, helps the robot to recognize the various obstacles and prevent them. Of course, there is also the anti-collision bumper which, however, is rarely called into question.

Finally, in the lower part there are the anti-fall and carpet recognition sensors. But above all we find the two rotating mops for washing the floor, the most interesting feature of this robot.

Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 9.7 cm
Weight :3,7 kg
Connection TypeWi-Fi 2.4GHz
Voltage100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A
Nominal power60w
Suction power5300 Pa
Battery Capacity5200mAh
Dust Tank Capacity350ml
Capacity of the water tank180ml
Minimum noise59 dB

Design and specifications of the Dreame L10 Ultra charging base

Dimensions: 42 x 34 x 57 cm
Weight :8,5 kg
Dust container3 L
Clean water tank2,5 L
Dirty water tank2,4 L

The base of the Dreame L10 Ultra has a pleasant design but generous dimensions (42 x 34 x 57 cm) as it houses the two tanks necessary for washing clothes but also the dust collection bag. It is a concentrate of technology that provides the robot with an almost total automation experience.

Recharge robots

The base obviously and above all has the charging function. The Dreame L10 Ultra has a generous 5.200 mAh battery which guarantees about 200 minutes of autonomy estimated by the house. In my home rehearsals where the surface to be cleaned is 80 square meters, set to "high power" suction and with the washing done simultaneously, I returned to base with 49% battery. It is able to clean even medium/large houses without autonomy problems, but also in case of need it is able to return to the base to recharge and resume cleaning from where it left off.

Dust self-emptying

Dreame L10 Ultra dust bag

At the end of each cleaning, the robot returns to its base e transfers the collected dust into its 3L bag able to contain the dirt of about 2 months depending on the case. In truth it is possible to set the emptying even after two or three cleanings, in case you had a small house. In addition to the convenience of not having to empty the robot every time, the operation becomes faster and safer because the bag seals automatically when it is removed.

The emptying system has a dual airflow, one blowing while the other sucks, which it turned out to be very efficient. In my tests the powder compartment has always remained completely empty and without a minimum residue.

Washing of mops

Before leaving and at the end of each cleaning, the robot back to base for cleaning mops. Clean water is sent under the mops as they spin and scrub against a rough surface in the base. At the same time, the resulting dirty water is sucked into the dedicated tank. This it is an essential function for robots with spinning mops that are capable of picking up a lot of dirt and therefore need to be washed both after and during house cleaning.

Through the app we can customize the return to base time for self-cleaning, choosing based on the surface washed (from 10 to 35 mXNUMX) or after each room. We can even choose between three levels of cleaning of the cloths.

The internal base where the rollers rub to wash can be easily removed to perform extraordinary maintenance.

Through the application it is also possible to take advantage of this function to perform aself-cleaning of the base itself.

Filling the robot's water tank

Just as happens during car races, in case the tank runs out of water, return to the base to “fill up”. A great convenience that allows us to disregard this function as well. I advise you to use lime-free water because the pipes and solenoid valves can become clogged over time.

Drying the mops

At the end of the house cleaning, when the mops have been washed, a blast of hot air is sent to dry them. We can also choose the duration, between 2/4/6 hours even if usually already with 2 hours you get a sufficient result. We will hear a background noise which, however, is acceptable in an environment where one does not usually sleep.

It is also possible deactivate this function, which I strongly advise against. Wet mops are the ideal environment for bacteria and therefore also bad smells and it is essential to dry them as soon as possible.

How does laser navigation work?

Thanks to LiDAR navigation in combination with the SLAM algorithm, the Dreame L10 Ultra is able to generate very precise 3D maps in seconds. We have proof of this during the initial setup in which the robot immediately recognizes the perimeter of the rooms and shows it in real time on the map.

Il 3D optical sensor instead it helps us to recognize and anticipate obstacles: shoes, threads, toys and even dog excrement. It therefore saves us unpleasant situations in which the robot may have to stop cleaning or even worse. In general, it improves its browsing which is faster.

The great precision allows the robot to move with always optimized paths, saving time, battery and avoiding dragging objects around the house. It is also a prerequisite for creating no-go zones and virtual walls.

How does it clean?

Il Dream L10 Ultra with a nominal power of 60W, it reaches a suction pressure of 5.300Pa which is the highest value among the products on the market and which allows you to obtain impressive results on all surfaces. Even on the large tiles in my kitchen which have very deep joints, it manages to vacuum everything in the first pass.

But strong suction is imperative especially on carpets and rugs, where any type of roller is not sufficient to remove the dirt that lurks between the bristles. With Dream L10 Ultradeep-seated dirt is also removed from carpets. Furthermore, thanks to the special sensor, the robot automatically recognizes carpets and increase the power to the maximum.

In all situations, the 17 cm wide fully rubberized roller offers a great contribution in effectiveness and minimizes the tangling of hair and hair making it the ideal robot for those who have pets at home.

In general, in all the tests I have carried out, the robot has fared very well with impeccable results.

Guarda our review for more details on vacuum and scrubbing tests.

How do you wash the floors?

Unlike Roborock, for washing floors Dreame has opted for the adoption of two spin mops that spin up to 180 times per minute and press down, creating enough friction to remove fresh stains easily. Also to obtain the same result with the older stains it was necessary a second pass and increase the water level on the mops, but all in all it is normal and it is not a problem since it is the robot that does it.

The difference to the static cloths is huge, but even compared to the vibrating cloths I've tried, there's no story. It is an innovation that (finally) brings floor washing to the level of "manual washing", making up for an aspect in which these robots have often been lacking.

I found the function that allows you to lift mops up to 7mm, which allows you to keep the dry carpets as well as avoid dragging dirty mops across clean floors. Furthermore, the cloths can be activated only in the rooms where we want to wash, also choosing the amount of water to send: slightly dry, damp, wet.

If necessary, the mop holders can be removed they are attached to the robot magnetically, however the mops are attached to these with a velcro system, so very easy to detach and wash in the washing machine occasionally.

Companion app for Android and Apple

To take advantage of the many functions available, we have acompanion app really well done, perhaps the best together with that of Roborock and which provides many well-organized options. The application is in Italian, albeit with some inaccurate translations, as well as the voice available for the robot's vocal feedback.

Among the innovations that I appreciated is the setting on the cleaning intensity which allows you to carry out more or less distant trajectories depending on the degree of dirt in the house.

The wifi signal strength map is also useful and nice, which can help us identify any problems.

Both for Apple that android we can use the application of the Dreamer or Xiaomi Home.

  • Subdivision by rooms
  • Subdivision by floors
  • Selective cleaning of areas or rooms
  • Enabling disabling of areas where to clean or wash
  • Virtual walls
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • Selection of suction power
  • Selection of the amount of water to use
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Cleaning history
  • Software update

The robot is also compatible with Alexa which allows us to give it voice commands to start and stop cleaning.

Dreame L10S Ultra vs. Dreame L10 Ultra

Two months ago, the Dreame L10S Ultra which in essence is the older brother, both in terms of functions and for the price.

Dreame L10S Ultra and this Dream L10 Ultra they share dimensions and characteristics except for two things: in the L10S Ultra the optical sensor is a real camera that can be used for video surveillance when the robot is not cleaning; it also incorporates a tank for the detergent which is dispensed automatically.

As we have seen the other reviews, the function of self-emptying allows you to forget about the robot for many weeks and even cleaning the filter must be done very rarely.

The difference is also in the price since the Dream L10 Ultra costs on average €200 less.

Dreame L10 Ultra – Price and conclusions

Il Dreame L10 Ultra is a fantastic product: powerful and feature-rich, both of the robot and the base. Navigation, suction and washing of floors are at very high levels. The self-cleaning base is great and makes it one of those products that it changes your life.

The only flaw I found is washing the floors close to the walls. The mops fail to reach the perimeter leaving about 4cm unwashed.

Dreame L10 Ultra will be marketed today with a list price of €899 but for a few days I will be in introductory offer on Amazon at 849€ with free spare parts kit worth €80

9.1 Total score
Dream L10 Ultra

The Dreame L10 Ultra is a fantastic product: powerful and full of features, both of the robot and of the base. Navigation, suction and washing of floors are at very high levels. The self cleaning base is great and makes it one of those life changing products.

  • Laser navigation
  • 3D obstacle sensor
  • Rotating mops for washing
  • Big power 5.300Pa
  • Dust auto-shutdown
  • Clothes washing
  • Clothes drying
  • Packaging
  • Perimeter washing
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Where can I find spare mops and bags?

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Can Dreame L 10 be used for wooden floors? If yes, with which detergent? Thanks Frances

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Good morning,
Could you recommend a cleaner to use? Thank you

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would you recommend this or the ecovacs x1E omni?