Dreame T20 Review - Top of the range wireless vacuum cleaner with removable battery

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I finally got to try the Dream T20 that I was waiting with curiosity having tried and appreciated all the previous models from V9P onwards.

Compared to Dreame V11 that we have reviewed and that had completely conquered me (it is still my current vacuum cleaner) in this new model we find a more upgrade in terms of functionality than performance.

The packaging and equipment is roughly the same as the latest models. The wall mount holder is well crafted and doubles as a charging when the T20 is at rest. There is the usual specific housing for all other accessories: crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 brush nozzle, mini electric brush, hose. The accessories are all well made, sturdy and very easy to install both on the long shaft and directly on the machine body. Unfortunately the holes for fixing the bracket do not coincide with those of the support of the previous models.

The engine it is always the excellent brushless 450w 125.000g / m that manages to produce a suction power of 150AW and 25.000Pa of pressure. Also aesthetically the Dreame T20 is very similar to the V11 but the engine is more contained despite the new 8-stage noise suppression system. The machine body of the vacuum cleaner weighs 1.7Kg.

Il dust collection compartment 0.6L is also sufficient for deep cleaning. In any case we find theexcellent emptying system which allows you to unload the dirt by pressing the special button that will open the door located in the lower part. A very natural operation that takes place without getting dirty and without getting dirty.

Il filtering system it is well done. The pre-filter retains the dirt in the initial phase and cleans itself thanks to the 12 holes that generate a “cyclone effect”. To really protect us is the filter HEPA H12 which retains particles down to 0.3 microns. Finally also the HEPA filter is washable like the rest of the components and can be reused after allowing it to dry for 24 hours.

In the machine body we find a new color display which shows a bar relating to the residual charge for each of the available cleaning modes. A visual feedback that warns us when the filter is dirty. Next to the display we find the button for selecting the mode and the one to activate the continuous mode that allows you to suck without holding the trigger.

The big news, much requested by users, is the removable and replaceable battery. It is an easy operation to perform and which allows you to alternate a possible spare battery doubling the autonomy. The additional battery can be recharged at the same time to the vacuum cleaner using the appropriate upper compartment. Furthermore, this feature extends the average life of the product since the battery is the first element that wears out.

The new 2.800mAh battery recharges in 3 hours and guarantees an autonomy of 70 minutes in ECO mode, 30 minutes in Medium mode and only 8 in Turbo mode.

La ECO mode allows a "mild" suction but still sufficient for a daily cleaning or combined with a robot vacuum cleaner as in my case.

La Media mode it is ideal in most cases because it guarantees a good suction force combined with sufficient autonomy for a medium-sized house. Also using the main multi-brush, it will activate the automatic mode which is another of the new Dreame T20. In fact, a new sensor has been added that can recognize surfaces to adapt power while also optimizing consumption.

La Turbo mode, which I have renamed Mr. White mode (Cit. The hyenas) is the most expensive in terms of autonomy, but able to solve any disaster. Especially useful when animal hair has invaded your sofa.

The news is not over, because also the main brush has been redesigned. The new null has an embossed V-shaped design which, in addition to behaving very well on all surfaces, has a anti-kinking function. Hair and dander, instead of rolling up as they typically do, remain uplifted and can be easily removed. Some wheels that allow a better sliding on surfaces such as carpets by limiting friction.

Dreame T20 V-shaped electric brush

By virtue of the adoption of the wheels, the torsion system has also been modified which instead of being vertical + horizontal is vertical + rotation of the brush, making it more difficult to reach corners.

Dreame T20 - Conclusions

The Dreame, manufacturer of the Xiaomi ecosystem, has made great strides in the last 3 years, taking advantage of the mistakes and making use of the advice of the users. The Dreame T20 is a real top of the range with very few compromises and that can definitely join the Dysons.

Beautiful, functional, robust, the Dreame T20 satisfies every occasion and is ready for all small and large needs of a family: from cleaning the house to that of the car thanks to the wide range of accessories.

The power is always sufficient even when there are animals in the house. Autonomy remains a critical point (not only for the T20) but the possibility of adding additional batteries largely compensates for this limit.

I await only the next model to see the addition of a front light like in the Roidmi, a function that I find very convenient and that I always miss.


The Dreame T20 is these days on offer here on eBay Italy at € 279 using the discount code PITMIFEST21 on eBay Italy with shipping within 24 hours. Take advantage of it because the price normally proposed is well above 300.

La additional battery è for sale here on Aliexpress.

9.1 Total score
Dreame T20 review

Dreame proposes the good things seen in the V11 with the addition of interesting and useful functions but above all a removable battery. Again, it is impossible to find better at this price.

  • Autonomy
  • NO Light on the BRUSH
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3 months ago

Between this and Xiaomi's G10 which one would you recommend to a person with 4 cats who is tired of emptying both the robot and the normal vacuum cleaner (the latter clogs up every 10 minutes)? 😆

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