Dreame T30 Review - The best top-of-the-range wireless vacuum cleaner

After the review of the Dreame T10 and Dreame T20, we conclude the “T Series” with the spearhead of DreameTech, the DREAME T30 which promises to be the best cordless vacuum cleaner of 2021 with record performance.

Dreame T30 accessories

The packaging he equipment of the dreame is always very complete and even more so in the T30 thanks to the addition of new accessories. We find the classic support for fixing to the wall that also acts as a recharge when the Dreame T30 is at rest and as a specific accommodation for all the other accessories: crevice nozzle with LED light to illuminate, 2-in-1 brush nozzle, mini electric brush, hose.

In addition to these a brush for vacuuming grids and grates without scratching but above all one folding joint which allows you to reach remote areas (eg under the sofa and tables) without having to bow. Furthermore the new shaft is made of carbon fiber resulting in a lower overall weight.

The news is not over, because also the main brush has been redesigned. The new null has an embossed V-shaped design which, in addition to behaving very well on all surfaces, has a anti-kinking function. Hair and dander, instead of rolling up as they typically do, remain uplifted and can be easily removed. Some wheels that allow a better sliding on surfaces such as carpets by limiting friction.

The accessories are all well made, sturdy and very easy to install both on the long shaft and directly on the machine body.

Dreame T30 - Technical Characteristics

A new engine Dreame Space 5.0 550w brushless 150.000g / m that it can produce a suction power of 190AW and a pressure of 27.000Pa. Crazy values ​​that tear up most of the competition from all points of view.

Il dust collection compartment 0.6L is also sufficient for deep cleaning. In any case we find theexcellent emptying system which allows you to unload the dirt by pressing the special button that will open the door located in the lower part. A very natural operation that takes place without getting dirty and without getting dirty.

Il filtering system is the same present throughout the T series with the pre-filter which retains dirt in the initial phase and cleans itself thanks to the 12 holes that generate a "vortex effect". To really protect us is the filter HEPA E12 which retains particles down to 0.3 microns. Finally also the HEPA filter is washable like the rest of the components and can be reused after allowing it to dry for 24 hours.

New Intelligent Auto mode

In the T30 model the mode automatic has been significantly improved. In addition to the sensor placed on the large brush which is capable of recognize surfaces such as carpets and increase power automatically, we also find one atinside of the vacuum cleaner able to measure every half according to the level of dirt and adapt automatically.

This new sensor is independent of the mounted accessory and it is therefore possible to use the adaptive mode in all situations and not only with the main brush as in the Dreame T20. Indeed in this model automatic mode is always available and is added to those already present.

La ECO mode allows a "mild" suction but still sufficient for a daily cleaning or combined with a robot vacuum cleaner

as in my case.

La Media mode it is ideal in most cases because it guarantees a good suction force combined with sufficient autonomy for a medium-sized house. In fact, thanks to the new, more powerful engine, excellent results are also obtained with this mode without having to resort to Turbo mode which in the Dreame T30 is truly portentous but also expensive in terms of autonomy.

We also find the convenient removable and replaceable battery which is from 2.900mAh recharges in 3 hours and guarantees an autonomy of 90 minutes in ECO mode, 35 minutes in Medium mode and only 7.5 in Turbo mode. Removing it is an easy operation to perform and allows you to alternate a possible spare battery doubling the autonomy. The additional battery can be recharged at the same time to the vacuum cleaner using the appropriate upper compartment. Furthermore, this feature extends the average life of the product since the battery is the first element that wears out.

New smart display

Among the major innovations of the Dreame T30 we find a new display able to assist us during the cleaning operations. In addition to showing the selected power and the remaining battery percentage, the display shows a real-time graph of the dirt detected from the auto mode sensor. Furthermore the frame lights up in three different colors (green, yellow, red) to give more visible feedback about the effort the vacuum cleaner is exerting.

Dreame T30 chart

The display also takes care ofinform us when the filter needs to be cleaned or if this has been mounted incorrectly.

Above and below the display we find buttons to switch between cleaning modes and that for activate continuous mode which allows you to vacuum without having to hold the trigger.

Dreame T30 - Conclusions

The Dreame T30 is absolute the best cordless vacuum cleaner I've ever tried.

There are many improvements compared to the already excellent Dreame T20 that I had appreciated. The engine that is the most powerful among those on the market. The autonomy which is further improved. The display that has been enriched with new feedback.

But most of all the automatic mode which has been greatly improved, the user experience is now comparable to a traditional vacuum cleaner. Let me explain: thanks to the greater power and autonomy, it is sufficient to set the vacuum cleaner to automatic and let it adjust itself without the need to vary the power in search of the best possible autonomy.

Going to look for "nit in the egg", I still detect the lack of light on the brush which is a very useful function. Also for now there is no mop to wash floors like in the T20 Pro but it is possible that it will be made available later.


All this good luck obviously raised the prices a little but fortunately with the launch offer it will allow you to buy the Dreame T30 at the price of the previous model.

At the official Dreame store it will be possible to buy it for € 321 instead of € 407 with automatic discount to this page.

The offer is valid until June 26th or while stocks last.

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9.1 Total score
Dreame T30

With this model Dreame surpasses all the competition. Thanks to an unparalleled suction power, a good autonomy and an automatic mode that works really well, you will not miss a traditional vacuum cleaner.

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