Dreame V11 review - Here is the queen of the electric brooms !!!

Whenever a vacuum cleaner of a Chinese brand arrives on the market, we often hear the wording "the oriental anti Dyson" and / or in any case such appellations, but on balance if we really want to find a real rival of the English company, we can do it with the brand linked to Xiaomi, or Dreame, which has been imposing itself for some time in the domestic cleaning sector with excellent results. We have already been able to appreciate, for example, the quality of the XR model, of which you can find the review in our blog, but it is with the advent of the Dreame V11 that the dominion of Dyson could falter dramatically, thanks to a price of at least half (in reference to the basic model of Dyson V11).


The beauty of the solutions offered by Dreame and therefore also for the V11 model, is a substantial presence of accessories that allow a versatility of use of the electric broom as well as making the general essence of the product even more premium. In the case of Dreame V11 we find, inside the already elegant packaging, characterized by a black color:

  • Motor body with collection tank and integrated battery
  • Metal extension tube
  • Motorized floor brush with soft roller and joint
  • Motorized mite brush
  • Flexible extension tube
  • Lance attachment for cracks
  • Attack launches large mouth
  • Multilingual user manual (including Italian)
  • Quick start Guide
  • Wall charging bracket with screws and plugs
  • Wall charger with 30V / 0.8A - 24W output
dreame v11

A truly complete and super appreciated equipment for every single accessory supplied. For example, the wall anchoring bracket, which allows not only to load our Dreame V11 without having to attach cables to the electric broom directly, but also to anchor 3 accessories so that they are always at hand in daily cleaning sessions.

Also noteworthy are the lance vents, one with a narrow and elongated mouth and the other with a larger mouth, both equipped with soft bristles that can possibly be removed with a simple click on the integrated sliding mechanism. These allow us to reach the cracks of windows or those that are created between the baseboard of the floor and the wall, but also to clean coarse residues such as breadcrumbs and bread crusts on the table etc ..

The flexible hose then allows us to get anywhere, such as inside cabinets and drawers but also behind sanitary fixtures, generally neglected in the daily cleaning phases. In fact, these accessories allow us to program, for example, extraordinary cleaning, heading towards corners that we would hardly have considered. We can therefore take advantage of the various combinations of accessories to clean over the door jambs, curtains, eliminate cobwebs from windows and shutters and much more. However, these in the table are the main differences between the new Dreame V11 and the previous generation Dreame XR.

dreame v11

Moving on to the real protagonist of this review, we can immediately admire the elegant and minimal design of the V11 electric broom, characterized by a prevalence of dark gray colored plastic material with some red contrasts, such as the actuation trigger as well as the tube metal extension, brushed red color. The first novelty that catches the eye is undoubtedly the presence of an OLED display on the terminal part of the engine body, which allows us to view the main information of our cleaning session.

We talked about the prevalence of plastic materials, but these are top-notch and not cheap at all, something clearly visible even with the attachment of the accessories that are always well anchored without leaving spaces of light between the coupling couplings. All accessories have a coupling system with ejection button, which facilitates the removal of the accessory to the element to which it is anchored.

Unfortunately, the battery of this Dreame V11 is not removable and its state of charge can be viewed in two ways: the first is to rely on the 3 small LEDs under the handle, positioned on its right and left side, where we also find the charging port with proprietary connection. The presence of LEDs is actually superfluous because we can also view the state of charge via the display, where it will be shown by means of a circular graph of blue color per charge greater than 20% or red when the charge drops below the threshold just mentioned.

But before talking to you about the display, let's end the discussion of the battery, a 3000 mAh unit that recharges via its charger in about 4 hours and allows you to perform cleaning sessions ranging from a maximum of 90 minutes in ECO mode, up to at a minimum of 10 minutes for Turbo mode, but the most interesting autonomy is linked to the Media mode, which then corresponds to the one most used in the vast majority of situations and which is around as autonomy from 30 to 40 minutes, depending also on the temperature of the home environment. The remaining charge can also be displayed as a percentage, but only when the Dreame V11 is connected to the power supply.

Values ​​definitely in line with expectations and above all not inferior to their rival Dyson from which it seems to be inspired also for the display, but in Dreame V11 the solution adopted is with OLED technology. This allows us to immediately see how much work time we have left, the suction power with which we are exercising, but also to view any error and maintenance messages, such as those relating to the HEPA filter.

One thing that I particularly appreciated is the presence of the Italian language for displaying information. At the first ignition, however, Dreame V11 will dialogue with you in Chinese and therefore to set the Italian language, you will have to hold down the lower button (the one with the icon of two arrows forming a circle) for about 3 seconds. At this point the available languages ​​will be shown, which can be selected by pressing the same button. Once you have chosen your language you must keep the same button pressed for 3 seconds, until a validation message for the choice of language is returned on the display.

Through this same button, we could also act on the choice of the suction level, 3 different modes, including Eco, Medium and Turbo. But another button is present above the display, and shows the icon of a padlock: this will allow us to block the flow of suction in a continuous mode, that is, without having to keep the trigger pressed in the handle. In addition to this, by holding it down for a few seconds, we will enter a mode reserved for the HEPA filter, i.e. we could reset the filter's cleaning and restoration status, thus canceling any error message relating to this.

In fact, the display also allows the display of any error / maintenance messages such as the blocked air duct, battery overheating, etc. Overall, the display could be an element that only serves to raise the price, but in reality it was comfortable and above all it fills the absence of a possible companion app for the management and maintenance of the vacuum cleaner.

As mentioned before, the operation of Dreame V11 takes place by a red button positioned in the handle of the product, then releasing it will stop feeding the motor unless we block the supply of energy in continuous mode, with a button in the shape of padlock positioned above the display. This allows for greater comfort when we program, for example, the cleaning of all domestic environments, thus prolonging it for 40 continuous minutes, even reaching 90 in ECO mode.

dreame v11

Ergonomics in general very good that thanks to the combo of size and low weight allows the use of the household gadget even to very tall people, without causing particular stress to posture. The first level of suction, precisely ECO, is quite powerful and is especially useful on hard floors and general “office” dirt and / or in any case in homes with no animals. The TURBO mode is truly a marvel of aspiration, reaching to deliver up to 150 AW for a suction power of 25000 Pa, which are expressed in 125 thousand revolutions per minute through a 4.0W Space 450 engine of aeronautical level.

dreame v11

This allows you to extract all sorts of dirt as well as penetrate deeply into cracks in parquet and in general to also decisively aspirate the hair of animals stuck in the textures of the fabrics. But as said before, the MEDIUM mode will be the most used, allowing continuous cleaning of a domestic environment of about 110 square meters, continuously for at least 30 minutes, eliminating all sorts of dirt from the floors, ranging from materials such as marble, parquet and ceramic.

dreame v11

Unfortunately, the motorized brush with a soft roller as a dowry does not allow adequate cleaning of carpets in general, perhaps the only real substantial difference between a Dyson V11 and the Dreame V11. It should also be noted the absence of LEDs on the head, which would have allowed to see in low light conditions, for example under furniture or sofas / beds. However, the joint with which it is equipped must be underlined, allowing a real slalom during the cleaning phase, coming to accurately delineate for example the perimeter of the leg of a table, without losing any centimeter of the surface to be cleaned.

The anti-mite brush is also excellent and is particularly suitable for cleaning sofas, beds, soft surfaces in general such as your dog's cushion, but also for cleaning the seats and trunk of your car, thus avoiding the problems that may arise in allergy sufferers, effectively eliminating any trace of dirt and dust in depth. Oh yes, because the strength of this Dreame V11 is the extreme versatility of use and general portability, transforming it according to the accessory used, into a new gadget every time.

All the dirt collected by Dreame V11 is conveyed into a tank with a capacity of o.5 liters in which we find the cyclonic filter system with 12 cones and 5 levels of filtering towards elements up to 0.3 microns, but there is no lack in the upper part of the body also the HEPA filter. The tank integrates a small button at the bottom that will allow emptying the container without having to touch the dirt with your hand but above all each element of Dreame V11, from the accessories to the individual parts that make up the filter, can be cleaned and washed, effectively increasing the general product hygiene.

dreame v11

A possible comparison with the Dyson model comes to mind more and more, but not having the product to compare we have summarized everything in a simple table that you find below, but what does not emerge from the table, in favor of Dreame V11, for example it is the advantage of not having to press the trigger continuously, or the display that offers more information, as well as offering an extra 30 minutes of use in ECO mode. Of course Dyson V11 certainly has other elements in its favor, but in my opinion not such as to justify a minimum price of twice the model offered by Dreame.

dreame v11


Dreame confirms itself as a quality brand and over time and with the presentation of new models it becomes more and more a reference brand among users who are looking for reliability, quality and performance net of an advantageous price. I don't think any other words are needed except those that recommend this Dreame V11, a top model that will greatly facilitate household cleaning and that if necessary you can also take it on vacation. Personally I was pleasantly satisfied with the cleaning performance, having to deal daily with the hair of 1 dog, 3 cats as well as the various pebbles left around by the litter box, yet here I am writing this review with a smile.

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The Dreame company with this V11 seems to have reached the right maturity to compete with the more noble Dyson, to which it is clearly inspired, however improving many disadvantage factors of the rival. This Dreame V11 is without doubt one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners you can aspire to.

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2 months ago

I would like to know how many Pa at medium power (therefore Non turbo and Non eco).
In the turbo 25kpa. Average?

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