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We have tried a lot of products dedicated to cleaning at Xiaomitoday.it, from the simple manual mocho to the more complex robot vacuum cleaner, leaving each of them satisfied in our hearts as a housewife, but today is certainly the best that I personally have could try. I therefore present to you the new Dreame XR also known as V10R which we are going to discover in our full review.


Dreame V10R XR Premium

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Before starting with the actual review, we cannot avoid telling you the contents of the package, really rich and complete. Inside the white hardcover with the product depicted on the lid, we find all the components well positioned and protected by cardboard and plastic for each individual accessory.

We find the aluminum tube with a dominance of a bronzed color that makes the visible feeling even more premium, as well as the milk white terminals where on one of the two we find the release button and the pins for the induction of the 'electric that join at the other end where instead there are the holes for inserting them on the 3 brushes supplied, all electrified. This is very light but rather resistant and of good quality. The coupling of the tube to the motor body and to the various accessories is precise and very stable.

Proceeding in unboxing, we find the mini mite brush on which a transparent plastic base is anchored with the function of producing strong vibrations in order to bring mites and dust back to the surface from fabric and mattress surfaces. The brush can be removed with the help of a coin, inserting it into the slot on the side of the brush, turning it anti-clockwise to release the roller from its seat.

A particularity of this Dreame XR is to allow the use of each single accessory directly at the base of the engine, as each of them is equipped with a personal attachment. Furthermore, among the many accessories we find a roller dedicated to the carpets, really comfortable in daily cleaning, as we should not change the dedicated brush but simply we could unhook the head of the main roller and attach the one dedicated to the carpets, with a simple click.

Dreame has thought of every detail, equipping this type of roller with 3 rubber wheels, two smaller ones arranged on the front and a larger and more massive one placed on the rear in order to facilitate sliding on the carpet. The brushes are red in color and show themselves as a sort of plastic propeller where soft micro brushes are inserted. In addition to this we also find a further semi-rectangle sheath with soft hair for a better collection of hairs and / or hair inside the cracks of the carpet to which we are working. On the surface we also find the presence of some cracks that allow a better dissipation of the heat generated by the brush motor while for cleaning in this case it is necessary to rely again on the stratagem of the coin, for the removal and cleaning of the entire head. Finally, the joint that makes it possible to direct the head so as to reach every corner of the house is highly appreciated. But be careful of the type of carpet on which you will use the dedicated brush, as on rather bulky ones, the accessory will struggle to not drag the carpet away, even at minimum power.

The main roller, on the other hand, at cleaning level relies on a small red lever which will be moved upwards, thus allowing the release of an additional white lever which, once raised, will allow us to extract the soft roller brush, which it is dedicated to the cleaning of hard surfaces, as well as to vacuuming dirt and larger debris, although in reality it seems to be more suitable for this purpose.

Also in this case we find the presence of rubber wheels, semi-soft pile perimeter to avoid scratches on the floor, and the joint articulated by a small portion of flexible pipe with which it is possible to fold the electric broom also laterally as well as it is almost possible to rest on the ground the engine.


Dreame V10R XR Premium

Free shipping from Poland - 4 days (No Customs)

202€ 263€

Use discount codes:

Before moving on to the body of the vacuum cleaner, let's face the knowledge of the other accessories that are made up of a nozzle with built-in mini brush, which through a pressure system can slide on the body of the lance to be used or not. This type of accessory lends itself to the cleaning of restricted areas, such as the cracks between the skirting boards and the floor, or between the folds of the sofas where small crumbs of food and those found in window frames often nest. Similar is the multifunction brush, which also takes on two positions, with or without bristles, allowing the extraction of crumbs or coarser dirt elements.

Unfailing then the elasticized hose as well as extendable which allows, coupled with the right accessory, for example the removal of cobwebs or the cleaning inside drawers, behind the sanitary ware etc .. in short, to be used for cleaning corners difficult to reach.

Last but not least, we find the base to be fixed to the wall with screws and fischers included in the package, on which to anchor the electric broom once the cleaning is finished. But do not think that this is a simple base as it offers the possibility of hosting 3 accessories as well as the possibility of directly charging the electric broom through the entrance on the right side which conveys the energy to the two small studs the metal which, through magnetic induction, will recharge the Dreame XR battery. The stability of the domestic gadget, once in place, is guaranteed by a small plastic mechanism positioned in the upper part of the accessory, which must be raised to allow the release of the electric broom.

We have therefore reached the flab of this Dreame XR, which offers a 0,5 liter tank, which always remains fixed to the engine which can be accessed via a small push button positioned at the bottom, recognizable by a red sticker. From here we can access the filter composed of several elements, all removable and washable for better sealing over time and sanitation.

The main filter is of the HEPA type, also washable, but separate from the rest of the filter mechanism in general. In fact, we find the HEPA filter in the upper part of the engine block, very easy to access by simply rotating the dedicated knob.

The entire filter system consists of 5 which guarantees a purification rate of 99,99% against germs and bacteria, retaining dust and particulates up to 0,3 microns. And here we are at the main body of Dreame XR, which integrates a motor capable of reaching 100000 rpm and a suction power of 140 AW, noticeable above all at the maximum power level of the 3 possible, adjustable via the switch on the back of the body. When the engine is accessed, the air that passes through it is let out on the sides of the engine body, this means that it will not reach us during house cleaning but above all the innovative patented heat dissipation system, Smart Cool, guarantees long battery and engine life.

The handle of the handle is designed in a workmanlike manner, just like a gun, allowing a good balance of the electric broom during cleaning operations, thus ensuring greater comfort, considering a low weight of 1,560 kg (without tube) to to which must be added the weight of the individual accessories. Also on the handle we find the on / off button while the proprietary input is specularly inserted for charging which takes place via a charger with proprietary connection, with 30V / 0,8A output, which allows a complete recharge of the integrated 2500 battery mAh in about 3,5 hours. On the base of the handle there are also 3 small white LEDs (for all phases: charge / use) both on the right and left of the handle.

At maximum power we manage to get to about 10 minutes of work to which it is possible to add another 2 minutes to finish the work, but at minimum power. A more than honest duration, in line if not better than many other competing electric brooms, even of the most famous brands. But on the other hand, this power is generally used for cleaning stubborn dirt, perhaps in the kitchen or for cleaning small rooms such as an office. Autonomy rises to 60 minutes if we use the Dreame XR at minimum power, but also in this case we will rarely use it at this level, useful for collecting crumbs and animal hair on the fly, or for a quick pass during the day.

The construction quality of the Dreame XR is good, the plastic used is of excellent quality, transmitting a decidedly premium feel to the touch, also thanks to the bronze finishes on the extension tube as well as on the engine itself.

The suction power offered by the Dreame XR is more than satisfactory for most homes and average users, as well as, using an average power (autonomy 25/28 minutes max), it allows the cleaning of a house up to 100 meters approximately paintings, thanks to a 450 W brushless motor with a suction power of 140AW / 22000 Pa. For the general cleaning tests I invite you to view the video review, spoiling you that this electric broom is truly versatile and the handling allows use in any environment and condition, even with carpets, but above all the joint on the floor head allows you to get in depth even under beds and furniture.

Unfortunately we cannot use our electric broom during the recharging phase, if we had not finished the cleaning session. The wealth of accessories supplied also allows us to range in various areas, from car cleaning, to desks, to kitchens, to curtains, as well as to reach points of difficult destination without the aid of stairs and / or stools. Even the noise during cleaning, at maximum power, was one of the lowest on what has been tested so far (65 dB max).

The floor head has a height of about 5,3 cm while the height of the body resting on the ground reaches a height of about 19,6 cm. So these are the heights to which we can push our Dreame XR during cleaning, more than suitable for the vast majority of domestic environments, but given the good flex that this gadget gives us, it would have been perhaps convenient to have placed small LEDs on the head brush.


The Dreame XR wireless electric broom is very similar to many other models on the market, but with this model we have better autonomy and many accessories available that give infinite versatility. The general feeling with this gadget is extremely positive, starting from the materials to the easy handling during the cleaning phase. For the first time, I was also satisfied with my personal situation, with 3 cats, a dog and two children in tow, besides me as dirty as a fattening pig, never leaving me on the ground in cleaning sessions.

Therefore, I would recommend it, by virtue of the competitive price to which it is proposed, that is 202 euros with coupons from the DHGate online store or with the possibility of purchasing directly also on the Amazon store.

Offers Dreame V10R XR Premium


Dreame V10R XR Premium

Free shipping from Poland - 4 days (No Customs)

202€ 263€

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The DREAME XR is a wireless electric broom that can perform in all conditions, offering a unique versatility of use thanks to a very complete fleet of accessories. Finally a portable vacuum cleaner that is also suitable for large families with pets. Super approved and super recommended.

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Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.

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purchase now !!! PS I saw that the new roborock S6 maxv was released and the xiaomi mi vacuum mop p. I await your review !! Especially a comparison with the s5 max, future purchase when it will drop in price.

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