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DUOTTS C29 the versatile and economical electric bicycle | Full Review

I tried the Duotts ​​C29, an electric bicycle that stands out for its robust design and advanced features. Designed to offer a comfortable and versatile riding experience, this e-bike will appeal to those seeking a practical solution for daily urban transport and adventures on more demanding routes. In this review, we will explore the technical specifications, performance, design, and strengths and weaknesses of the Duotts ​​C29 in detail.

Duotts ​​C29
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Design and Construction

The Duotts ​​C29 features a modern and attractive design. The structure of Frame is made of high quality aluminum, which offers an ideal balance between lightness and resistance. This material not only helps keep the overall weight of the bicycle relatively low (31 kg), but also ensures long life and good resistance to shock and vibration.

The bicycle is equipped with wheels from 29 inches, which improve stability and maneuverability, especially on rough terrain. The tires are designed to offer good grip on both road and dirt, making the C29 a versatile choice for different driving conditions. Furthermore, the front suspension absorbs shocks effectively, ensuring a more comfortable ride even on uneven surfaces.

Motor and Battery

One of the strong points of the Duotts ​​C29 is its powerful 750W brushless motor with 65Nm of torque offering remarkable thrust and a top speed of 25km/h unlockable at 50. This makes the C29 particularly suitable for those who have to face steep climbs or long routes without too much effort. The engine is quiet and responsive, contributing to a pleasant and smooth driving experience.

Duotts ​​C29 Battery

La 48V and 15Ah lithium ion battery is another key element of the C29. This battery offers an autonomy of approximately 50/60 km in “electric only” mode and 80/100 km in assisted mode with a single charge, obviously depending on the conditions of use and the level of assistance chosen. The battery is removable, which facilitates charging and allows you to conveniently take it to your home or office but can be locked with the integrated lock.


In terms of performance, the Duotts ​​C29 does not disappoint. The bicycle delivers five levels of pedaling assistance, which can be easily selected via the handlebar-mounted LCD display. This allows you to adapt the engine thrust to your needs, whether it's a light ride in the city or an extra boost on a challenging trail.

Il 21 speed Shimano gearbox guarantees precise and fluid shifting, allowing you to easily tackle different slopes and terrains. Front and rear mechanical disc brakes offer excellent stopping power, ensuring safety and control even in wet conditions or on steep descents.

Duotts ​​C29 speed unlock new model 2024

Although the manual contains the procedure for removing the 25 km/h speed limit, this seems to be ineffective on the new model I tested. In fact, even by setting a value of 100 on parameter P08, the limit exists.

This is because Duotts ​​has adapted to increasingly stringent European regulations, trying to discourage violations of the highway code.

However, there is "a way" to get around this further limit and enjoy the Duotts ​​C29 at full speed. Enough set parameter P08 exactly with the value of 67.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort is a fundamental aspect for the Duotts ​​C29. There ergonomic saddle is well padded and adjustable in height, allowing you to easily find the optimal driving position. The handlebar is also adjustable, offering further customization for a comfortable, fatigue-free ride.

The grips are made of non-slip material, improving grip and reducing hand fatigue during long rides. The system of front suspension, combined with the large wheels and quality tires, helps dampen vibrations and shocks, further improving overall comfort.

Technology and Functionality

Il LCD display mounted on the handlebars is intuitive and easy to read, even in bright light. It provides all the necessary information, such as speed, assistance level, battery charge and distance travelled. The additional holder is equipped with a USB port, useful for charging mobile devices while traveling.

Another notable feature is the integrated lighting system. The Duotts ​​C29 It is equipped with a powerful front LED headlight and a rear light that also works, improving visibility and safety when driving at night or in low light conditions. Furthermore, reflectors on the wheels increase lateral visibility.

Pros and Cons of the Duotts ​​C29


  1. Powerful Motor: The 750W motor offers excellent performance on various terrains.
  2. Runtime: The 15Ah battery provides ample autonomy, suitable for long journeys.
  3. Versatility: Suitable for both urban and off-road use thanks to the 29-inch wheels and front suspension.
  4. Security: Mechanical disc brakes and integrated lighting system improve safety.
  5. Comfort: Adjustable saddle and handlebars, as well as an ergonomic design, guarantee a comfortable ride.


  1. Weight: Despite the aluminum frame, the bike may be heavy for some users, especially when lifting or carrying it.
  2. Dimensions: Wheel and frame dimensions may not be ideal for short users.

Technical specifications of the Duotts ​​C29

Engine power750W 48V
Maximum torque65 Nm
Max speed25 / 35 km / h
AcceleratorIncluded – Optional
ChassisAluminum Alloy
Dimensions: 179 x 70 x 102 cm
Handlebar width70 cm
Seat height from the ground85-110 cm
Recommended rider heights160-195 cm
ChangeShimano 21-speed
Brake typeFront and rear disc mechanics 16 cm
Display2.4 ″ LCD
ForkHydraulics – Travel 8 cm
Autonomy80 - 100 km
Weight :31 Kg
Charging time6-8 hours
Maximum capacity120 Kg
Battery15 Ah, 48V
Pedal assistance0-5 Levels
loader54.6V 2A
Front wheel quick releaseSi

Duotts ​​C29 Final opinions and price

The Duotts ​​C29 is a high-quality electric bicycle that combines power, comfort and versatility. It's ideal for those looking for an efficient solution for urban commuting or mixed-terrain adventures. With its robust design, advanced technologies and attention to comfort, the Duotts ​​C29 is positioned as one of the best options in the electric bicycle market.

even the price of €725, including shipping from Europe (Coupon SPORTS12AN02), it is very interesting, especially when compared to other products in the €750 range which are often around €900

The current offer refers to the promotion forGeekBuying anniversary, I therefore advise you not to wait so as not to miss this opportunity.

Duotts ​​C29
🇪🇺 Free shipping from Europe
725€ 819€
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel
Offer valid only when paying with PayPal
8.4 Total score
Duotts ​​C29 electric bicycle

The Duotts ​​C29 is a 750W electric bike with which to have fun both in the city and in the countryside at a very attractive price.

  • Powerful Engine
  • Autonomy
  • Versatility
  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Weight :
  • Dimensions:
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