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DYU D3F – For the city or for holidays this ELECTRIC BIKE will amaze you (also in price)

Spring is approaching and soon after, summer will come, seasons in which nature awakens giving us the bright colors of flowers and the intense scents of the earth. What better opportunity for stay outdoors and enjoy the most beautiful the world has to offer and if we do riding an electric bike like the one proposed by DYU, the fun will not be missed. So at a time when you often hear about ecological vehicles, also due to the restrictions on the highway code, we present our personal complete review of the DYU D3F, unbeatable in price.

This electric bike, with strong dedication to city use, is definitely simple in assembly allowing immediate use of the same, but I will briefly list the contents of the package which is naturally made up of ours electric bicycle, rear fender that will be mounted through the Allen key Supplied, battery charger with European socket. We also find a small user manual in English which lists some features of the product and advice on correct use. There is also a practical tool for bike maintenance.

Our DYU D3F electric bike has a really elegant appearance donated by the use of aluminum alloy that makes up the entire frame of our vehicle. The first point in favor is given by the really compact dimensions equal to 1170 x 990 x 500 mm (1170 x 720 x 200 mm when the bike is folded up on itself) and a weight of only 17,2 Kg which allow extreme portability, such as lifting the bike easily for example if we have to climb stairs or for load it in our car without any problem thanks to large bow-shaped handle really ergonomic for one firm and comfortable grip with one hand.

In fact, it is possible to always carry the DYU D3F e with you keep it in the trunk of your car ready to use, because our smart bike can be folded on itself simply acting on lever located on the neck of the front tube which allows one quick release and sure of the whole handlebar which will be folded to take up less space. The release lever is made of plastic but not I saw weaknesses as the material used is of good workmanship, robustness and consistency even if a pinch of attention doesn't hurt. Remaining on the chassis, another feature that makes our DYU D3F score points is the presence of IP54 certification thus allowing theuse of the electric bike even in the rain without being afraid that the motor and the electrical components will be damaged.

Our ecological vehicle is equipped with two wheels from 14 inches that adapt to various types of terrain such as sandstone, ramps, bumps, uneven ground, cobblestones etc .. At the first use the wheels are already inflated but there is no clear indication of the correct pressure to apply in case they lose effectiveness but then again which bike provides you with this data? Even though the wheels appear to be decidedly small they can support a weight up to 120 Kg without particular problems even on not particularly linear terrains and although any form of suspension is absent, the DYU D3F does not give any negative feedback when driving, maybe even about the large saddle slightly cushioned and well padded, on which to rest your ass is really relaxing.

On the rear wheel pin on the left is also anchored small easel covered with a semi-rigid plastic sheath, which allows you to park and stabilize your vehicle without it falling. Be careful, however, to remind you to remove it starting because the really minimal dimensions of the tripod as well as the color that is camouflaged with the entire structure could lead you to forget it. One is positioned on both the front and rear wheels fender that should safeguard from possible splashes arising from crossing puddles or small pebbles on the road.

The DYU D3F electric bike in the sample we tested is black in color which in my opinion gives a sporty character to our vehicle by marrying perfectly with i contrasts in red color placed on the wheels and on the engine container which also houses white writing on the sides bearing the brand logo. An excellent thing is the possibility of folding the pedals for easier transport.

Frontally we find an LED light that is possible operate manually by holding down the button located below the small display for a few seconds which shows the remaining battery charge. The beam is well uniform and the parable does not disturb any bystanders or motorists who cross our path. We also find a rear light at the back red in colour, which can be fixed or flashing. This must be activated manually and does not indicate STOP when we brake or the position when the front light is activated, as it is not connected to the system, but independent via a small battery.

There is no need to make any particular considerations on the front wheel other than mentioning the presence of a disc brake which we also find on the rear, making braking safe using the two brake levers located on the sides of the handlebars. The reaction time of the brake is fast and safe enough and I didn't have to make any adjustments, which is still possible by acting on the terminal located above the metal disc.

The handlebar can be adjusted slightly as an angle and hosts the on / off button and a little one acustic signal next to it is the left knob, which is very reminiscent of the old Piaggio scooters such as Ciao or Si. There is no key or mechanism for disconnecting the power, so if you leave the vehicle unattended, it will always be possible to turn it on, it is therefore advisable to store the vehicle indoors. inside a secure and clearly visible place, such as an office. On the right we find the throttle grip and a small LED display which tells us the charge status of our bike. Below the display we find an additional small one button used for the function Cruise Control, which once activated allows you to proceed at a constant speed without having to act on the accelerator. To deactivate it, you can push it again or simply operate the brake lever. As already mentioned, the button also allows the front light to be turned on.

The strong plate gives it to us brushless motor with power of 250W 36V able tackle slopes up to 15 degrees, but above all to push our DYU D3F up to 25 Km / h. Naturally speed is conditioned by several factors including the main ones the weight of the person driving the vehicle ed the type of terrain in which we find ourselves. In fact, the company declares that these values ​​can be obtained with a maximum weight of 60 Kg and on unpaved terrain and imbalances like small damage on the asphalt, in short we are in Italy and so it is almost a miracle to find a road or bike path with these characteristics. Seriously I managed to get this speed only downhill considering my weight "shape" of about 90 Kg.

Naturally the weight, the cruising speed and the ground conditions will also affect the battery life which according to the manufacturer under typical conditions guarantees a variable duration from 48 to 60 Km in assisted pedaling mode and from 24 to 56 km in accelerator only mode. A battery that powers the entire circuit and has a capacity of 36V 10Ah, which comes recharged in about 5/6 hours. This will be enough for charging insert the plug of the power cable into the entry hole located in the lower part of the hull and protected by a double silicone cap.

But battery life won't be a big issue if you run out of battery, because in that circumstance you will have as a second choice to pedal in a traditional way effectively making this bike decidedly "legal" for use on the road, cycle paths, etc. A negative or positive aspect, depending on your point of view, is the absence of a dedicated application through which to see, for example, the status of battery wear or to limit the ignition when we leave the vehicle unattended, or simply to take into account the kilometers traveled and the activity time.

Finally, it should be noted the total absence of accessories, such as a smartphone holder or a bottle holder but above all the accelerator which can make the bike move autonomously and therefore use in this mode is not strictly legal.


Difficult to find a real flaw to our electric bike, mostly shortcomings. The DYU D3F has been able to prove to have a sporting character and above all to keep up with a heavy weight like mine, although autonomy and speed are reduced but without giving up the fun. It's an excellent purchase close to spring/summer, also useful for small urban trips perhaps in the city center where getting around by car is a real problem. Personally, I highly recommend it to everyone, young and old.

9.2 Total score

The DYU D3F electric bike proves to be a true ally for urban travel in a completely ecological way. Easy to transport and use as well as the autonomy is more than decent. I can't find a flaw in this product except unfortunately due to legislation poco clear, our ecological vehicle could be "illegal".

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Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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