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Is this the confirmation that the Xiaomi Mi4 will be launched with metal body on July 22?

We still do not have official confirmation, but from the messages and images posted by the company on its social, the 22 July the Xiaomi Mi4 could actually be launched with a metal body supplied.

Xiaomi, therefore, seems to anticipate when it is expected (or launch in October of the Mi4) and the next launch event could present its new Top of the Gamma.

The image published today on Xiaomi's social networks shows a brushed metal background with the 4 number in the foreground. The metal could be referred to the body of the launch device, while the 4 would seem a clear clue to the Mi4 or, alternatively, 4G LTE connectivity.

However, on July 22nd we could also see a double launch, with the Mi3S 4G LTE sharing the scene with the Mi4. Xiaomi, in fact, could decide to replace the Xiaomi Mi2S with the Mi3S in its "medium range" offer. Finally, in addition to the launch of one / two new smartphones, presumably on July 22 Li Jun could go on stage and show a new wearable device… We'll see!



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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