It's official, the Xiaomi M3 WCDMA will be on sale from 31 December 2013

The news has already gone through the network, now it's official: the Xiaomi M3 in the WCDMA version will be available from 31 December 2013.

It seems to me at least a curious date, considering that the company after many slips had announced as definitive deadline "December of this year", will be able to keep the promise by starting the marketing right on the last day of this month.

We all hope that the desire to respect this last deadline has not generated a product made in a hurry and not ready.

Xiaomi m3 for sale
For Western poor people, short-term purchasing opportunities are few, let's see some of them:

  • iBuyGou, the official reseller of the forum en.miui.com, has already announced that starting from the 3 January will dispatch the pre-orders received for the MI3 16gb (giving the Piston earphones to make up for the wait). Nothing certain about the 64gb version. The same goes for any future orders, they have no data on times and stocks.
  • Miui.it contextually with the announcement of the news, he feared the possibility of organizing a buying group as he did in the past for the M2. However, we do not know if they will be able to count on a confidential channel.
  • Also from SmartyLife, which often organized shopping groups, we expect some ace in the sleeve. For now it is not yet spoken.
  • xiaomishop.it who also accepted preordained, did not give official communications.

For the time being, we have to get enough news waiting for the first samples to be delivered and the store's and re-seller stores being assorted.

Personally, I never liked M3, neither the form factor, nor the dimensions and some technical choices, I found them questionable. I hope to change my mind.

Via | Xiaomi.com

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I have to say I do not understand why they stubbornly make the frame so big around the display. The pair-inch phone in comparison to most other brands is more than about 5-6mm, then the edges make it look even bigger. We will see under the bonnet and display as it will, if it will digest the outside dimensions.

Andrea Negro
not ready yet

Finally! Get ready, we will not be able to have a handsome review!

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