Here are the best watchfaces for your Amazfit smartwatch | part 3

Wearables are now part of our daily life and it is not difficult to find devices that perform the typical functions of smartwatches in the best possible way both in sports and monitoring in general as well as notification on the wrist of events. But going beyond what are the functions, the battle in choosing one device over another, could often coincide with the possibility of customizing the smart watch, through straps or better still with the adoption of watchfaces.

Let's say that watchfaces rhymes with Amazfit, as there are many users who have spent time creating beautiful skins for our smart watch and therefore with this article, we want to offer you the best watchfaces for the various Amazfit smartwatches in circulation, including the Bip, GTR, GTS, T-Rex, Stratos, Verge and finally the X model.



If we need to combine elegance with sportiness, Amazfit's answer is undoubtedly the Stratos series, although from a smart point of view it is perhaps the least complete as it is more oriented to the fitness side. But it doesn't mean that we have to give up the many customizations and character offered by the watchfaces in circulation of which we bring you a list of the best:

  • Matrix2 | Download : this fantastic watch face is inspired by the famous Matrix movie.
  • Thom_Browne_v.2_White | Download : with a casual and minimalist style this skin will make your Amazfit Stratos very cool.
  • FUTURA-RED | Download : if you want to give your watch a minimalist touch, this is the right face.
  • COM-D Google fit Pace | Download : a shining sphere for your smartwatch.
  • T-Rex Watch | Download : This watch face will make your Stratos look like the Amazfit T-Rex.
  • COM-D Sporty White | Download : The sporty style of this model makes it the perfect watch face for physical exercise.
  • COM-D Woman | Download : for those who want to add an urban touch to their smartwatch.
  • Thang | Download : If you are looking for elegance and style, this is the right dial.
  • yin yang | Download : With the yin yang symbol this watch face will give balance to your smartwatch.
  • LCD-15 | Download : This watch face is reminiscent of early digital watches, so if you like retro you have to download it.
  • Carrera Blue | Download : An elegant combination of silver and blue stands out on this dial.
  • omega_moonwatch_gold | Download : We continue the elegant models with this analog style watch face.
  • Z5TEVE Watch | Download : This is a modern and sophisticated looking skin.
  • Android Wear | Download : a great option if you want a sublime and elegant dial.
  • Disney Mickey Mouse | Download : If you are a Disney fan, you will love this watchfaces.

Amazfit Verge


The Amazfit Verge was one of the brand's first smartwatches, quite complete with which you can do everything. Being one of the most popular models of the brand, it has a large number of watch faces available on the internet. But don't worry about getting confused in your choice because we have selected the best ones for you:

  • Gradient Watchface | Download : simple, but interesting. This is an ideal design if you want a discreet face on your smartwatch.
  • COM-D's Runner | Download : With a fairly detailed and sharp finish, this watch face will highlight the AMOLED screen of the Amazfit Verge.
  • Ap_1_V | Download : dial with analog design and unconventional style.
  • MKII_V | Download : Give your smartwatch a smart and casual touch with this watch face.
  • Pro_89_V | Download : the futuristic style of this dial will amaze you.
  • LXG10 | Download : a watch face with a modern and refined look.
  • Digital Orange Amaz | Download : As the name suggests, this skin is for lovers of bright orange.
  • WallpaperVerge | Download : You will have a beautiful landscape on your smartwatch with this skin.
  • Radar_2 | Download : like a submarine radar on your wrist. Remember that this type of animated skins will drain the clock battery faster.
  • vianna037face.wfz | Download : a colorful watch face that combines the interface of an analog and digital clock.
  • KURANTY | Download : with all the class of a traditional analog watch. If you like old school, this skin is perfect for you.
  • Space Station | Download : a quadrant that sends you directly into orbit.
  • student | Download : a curious watchfaces that will remind you of your student days.
  • Game Pads | Download : another great skin for hardcore gamers.
  • Vm_379_V | Download : all the colors of the rainbow come together in this truly brilliant dial.

Amazfit X


Amazfit X is the smallest of the devices just mentioned but also the most innovative thanks to the presence of a curved screen. Are you wondering how to enhance this feature? The answer is easy and all you have to do is install one of these beautiful watch faces we have selected for you:

  • NaviX | Download : Like in a science fiction movie, this face is shown on the curved display of the watch.
  • TIME16 + | Download : numbers only, the only thing you need on the clock interface.
  • Rz195 Green Yellow | Download : a phosphorescent green dial that will make your Amazfit X shine.
  • WP8 ++ | Download : a practical model with all the information well organized.
  • iPad1 | Download : here you have a psychedelic and different design.
  • BiG Sur | Download : a watchfaces inspired by the macOS operating system.
  • GalaxyS20 | Download : With this model you will have the Galaxy S20 wallpapers on your smartwatch.
  • Origami7-16 | Download : if you want a new aesthetic on your smartwatch, you need to download this model.
  • Antique Style | Download : modernity hand in hand with elegance for your Amazfit X.
  • Pride Digital | Download : a very colorful dial model.
  • AppleWatch7 | Download : This model is inspired by the Apple brand watch.
  • Easter egg | Download : design that highlights the circular shapes in the style of Android 12.
  • Chromatic C. | Download : a sophisticated but also minimal skin.
  • Stripes | Download : for those looking for a unique style in their watch.
  • CascadeBlue2 | Download : If you want a large number dial, this is ideal.

What do you say, do you like the collection we have compiled for you? Well if you know other beautiful and brilliant watchfaces do not hesitate to comment in the box below.

Emanuele Iafulla

Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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