Electric scooter? Today is the right time to buy it

Given the cost of petrol and diesel that will soon return to absurd levels (when the currently discounted excise duties will return to raise prices), today more than ever the time has really come to evaluate the purchase of an electric scooter! The icing on the cake are the super offers that GOOD BANG put it online just this morning.

These excellent discounts are for a series of models of the well-known Chinese brand LAOTIE which produces excellent level electric scooters with truly TOP performances. Here is a list of the best offers:

electric scooter
Laotie ES10P with seat, maximum speed 70Km / h, autonomy 100Km, maximum load 120Kg

🛒️ Electric Scooter Laos ES10P
🌐 On sale at #Banggood
💰 Goes down to €895,00 from 1.427,00 € (-37%)
🎟️ Discount code: Bgf3e5c2
📌 Buy https://bit.ly/3OXwurd
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

electric scooter
LAOTIE® Ti30, off road, maximum speed 85Km / h, range 140km, maximum load 200kg,

🛒️ Electric scooter LAOTIE® Ti30
🌐 On sale at #Banggood
💰 Goes down to €1.372,00 from 2.700,00 € (-49%)
🎟️ Discount code: BgTI30ZE
📌 Buy https://bit.ly/3thN8J9
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

electric scooter
LAOTIE® SR10, maximum speed 70Km / h, autonomy 100km, maximum load 150kg

🛒️Electric Scooter LAOTIE® SR10
🌐 On sale at #Banggood
💰 Goes down to €1.253,00 from 2.399,00 € (-47%)
🎟️ Discount code: BgZEROLTSR10
📌 Buy https://bit.ly/3r6vHen
🇪🇺 Fast Shipping from Europe (No Customs)

LAOTIE® ES19, maximum speed 100Km / h, autonomy 135Km, maximum load 200Kg

🛒️Electric Scooter LAOTIE® ES19
🌐 On sale at #Banggood
💰 Goes down to €1.452,00 from 2.577,00 € (-43%)
🎟️ Discount code: BgES19ZE
📌 Buy https://bit.ly/3KcGZGv
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

As you have seen, the discounts are really sensational and are between 40/50% discount. All these devices are stored in warehouses located in Europe and delivery will take place FREE in 3-5 days without annoying customs duties. On GOOD BANG, our site partner for years, you can pay, to protect your purchases, through PAYPAL.

If you want to take a look at all the others (and there are really hundreds) of proposals for other electric scooters you can take a look DIRECTLY HERE.

I just have to wish you good purchases!

Cristiano Cento

Cristiano Cento

Computer Consultant, DJ, Blogger. Passionate about Music (of course), movies, TV series, sports and lover of all that is technological. [email protected]


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