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Eleglide Coozy Review Specs and Tests

Eleglide Coozy is the new model of the company that has brought a electric scooter with interesting specifications and with turn indicator lights already standard.

Eleglide Coozy it costs up Geekbuying € 539, cheaper then the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 with which it shares many features and is even better for some.

Eleglide Coozy
Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
380€ 598€
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Eleglide Coozy - Technical sheet

Elelide Coozy falls within the range of legal electric scooters therefore with a power adequate to the legislation but still high-end thanks to the 350W brushless motor 36V with a maximum peak of 540W which releases a torque of 22 Nm.

Weight :18,7 kg
Dimensions when open1130 x 536 x 1210 mm
Dimensions when closed1130 x 516 x 607 mm
Flow120 kg
Engine power350W (540W peak)
Max speed25 km (unlockable in the app)
BrakesE-ABS + disc
Battery12.5 Ah 36 V
Charge time7 hours
Autonomy55 km
Tyres10 ″ x 2,5 ″


Eleglide Coozy Comes in sturdy packaging and well packed to withstand shipping. It is already 99% assembled and only the handlebar needs to be fixed with the 4 screws provided.

Let it be a robust product you can understand it immediately from the welds and the details of its components. It is indeed capable of withstand a weight up to 120 Kg, which is quite rare on products of this range. I also enjoyed theplatform which is 19cm wide, covered in non-slip rubber and allows you to keep your feet comfortably parallel.

The measurements are 1130 x 536 x 1210 mm but it can be easily closed in seconds, going to occupy only 1130 x 516 x 607 mm. Measures that allow you to load the vehicle in the trunk of a medium-sized car. Also, thanks to the weight of only 18,7 kg it can be lifted easily and loaded into public transport.

Il handlebars it has a classic look and measures 53cm with soft grips that offer good comfort and in which they are inserted the turn signal lights which are controlled by the control on the left. On the right we find the accelerator and the hook to close it.

Il it is wide, clearly legible even if a little too angled with respect to the view, placed centrally and shows the current speed, the total kilometers traveled, the remaining battery and the driving mode chosen. I found it instead poco comodo the control button which is located immediately below the display, forcing the driver to raise one hand to use it.

Obviously not lacking a front LED headlight for when you drive in the evening which is also accompanied by a reflector. Also to the stop light two side reflectors are placed side by side which offer greater visibility.

One detail I loved is the tripod which when retracted, has a hidden housing. A gem!

Lots of comfort and safety

- 10 ″ x 2,5 ″ tires they guarantee excellent driving comfort and greater safety in all situations: braking, cornering, presence of potholes.

Il mechanical disc brake in combination with electronic brake they offer incisive but not abrupt braking and the ability to brake in a few meters without locking the wheel.

La suspension fork, as with tires, it improves comfort and safety while driving.

Performance and road tests

Eleglide Coozy it is pleasant to drive thanks to its 350W brushless motor which reaches a peak power of 540W, offers a good starting point but also an acceptable speed uphill. It leaves the factory limited to 25km / h but this limit can be unlocked easily via theGreenDrive application and reach the 30 / 35 km / h depending on your weight.

We have available 3 driving modes: Eco with a limit of 10 km / h; Comfort with a limit of 15 km / h, Sport with the limit selected by the app.

It is available there push mode (or walk mode) that pushes the scooter at a fixed speed of 6 km / h, useful in pedestrian areas where it is mandatory to accompany the vehicle.

The good build quality, the adoption of 10 ″ tires, the shock absorbers and the disc brake all contribute to a stable and safe driving experience even when heading downhill. Even on bumpy roads, you travel with pleasure without ever losing control of the vehicle.

I was also pleasantly surprised by theapplication GreenDrive available on PlayStore which is basic but well done and works well on the first try. In a single screen it shows instant parameters (speed, total and partial km, residual battery, temperature) e can be used as a dashboard while driving.

It also allows us to access some useful functions:

  • antitheft (Lock)
  • Turn on the shine
  • Choose the driving mode
  • Activation of the cruise control
  • The choice of zero start
  • Function find to find it in case we forgot the location
  • Disable the Sport mode

Through the app we can also update the software and choose the maximum speed, thus unlocking the speed limit factory set at 25 km / h (in Italy the limit allowed is 20 km / h)

Battery and autonomy

Eleglide Coozy use a 12.5Ah 36V battery which corresponds to 450 Wh and should guarantee a maximum range of 55km in normal conditions.

My tests (weight 76kg) were all carried out in “sport mode” and I never spared myself, often going up / down and rarely long flat stretches. I got a range of 42 km which, considering the conditions, is in line with that declared by the house.

La battery, which is protected against short circuits and overvoltages, fully recharges in 7 hours and an acceptable value and in any case justified by the large battery used.

Eleglide Coozy - Conclusions and price

Eleglide Coozy is an electric scooter with many advantages: beautiful, sturdy, fun and safe.

It is ideal for those in the city who want to tackle limited journeys and have the convenience of loading the scooter on public transport or in the boot of the car but thanks to the good autonomy it is also suitable for those who take longer journeys.

The price is in line with the quality and equipment Eleglide Coozy offers. It is for sale on GeekBuying for € 380 using the discount code ELECOOZY and includes the fast shipping from Europe.

Eleglide Coozy
Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
380€ 598€
⚠️ If the coupon has expired, look for the updated one on ours Telegram Channel

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