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ENGWE X24 Electric Bike for 1499€ shipped free from Europe

The electric bicycle ENGWEX24 represents one of the most interesting options for those looking for a sustainable, powerful and versatile means of transport. This model combines cutting-edge technology, innovative design and high-level performance, making it suitable for both urban travel and off-road adventures. In this article, we will explore the main features of the ENGWE X24, highlighting what makes it an excellent option for electric bicycle enthusiasts: 24*4.0 inch fat tires, top speed 50 km / h, 48V 1000W motor, Double battery 19,2 Ah and 10 Ah, autonomy 150 km, maximum load 150kg, Dual Hydraulic Disc Brake, Shimano 8-Speed ​​Shifter – Black



Design and Construction

The ENGWE X24 stands out with its modern design and robust construction. The frame, made of aluminum alloy, not only guarantees lightness but also durability and impact resistance. The foldable design is another selling point, allowing you to significantly reduce the size of the bike for easier transportation and storage, ideal for those with limited space at home or in the office.

Engine and Performance

At the heart of the ENGWE X24 is a powerful 1000W brushless motor that offers efficient pedal assistance and remarkable thrust, allowing you to tackle steep climbs and challenging trails with ease. The bike is equipped with different assistance modes, which the user can select according to their needs, from simple pedal assistance to a more pronounced push for more tiring journeys.

Battery and Autonomy

The ENGWE X24 is equipped with a double 19,2 Ah and 10 Ah high capacity lithium battery, designed to offer a long autonomy of up to 150Km. This means that users can enjoy long journeys without worrying about frequently recharging the vehicle. The battery is also removable, a feature that makes it easy to charge without having to carry the entire bike near an electrical outlet.

Comfort and Safety

Comfort is ensured by an ergonomic saddle and a suspension system that effectively cushions irregularities in the terrain, making riding pleasant even on rough roads or paths. Regarding safety, the ENGWE X24 is equipped with powerful disc brakes that guarantee immediate and controlled braking, as well as LED lights for optimal visibility in low light conditions.

Technology and Accessories

The bike features an LCD display that provides all the information you need during your ride, such as speed, distance travelled, battery level and selected assistance mode. Users will also appreciate the presence of useful accessories such as the luggage rack, which increases the practicality of the bike for those who need to transport objects or go shopping.


La ENGWE extension X24 it is an electric bicycle that offers an excellent balance between performance, comfort and practicality. Whether urban shuttle or off-road exploration, this model can meet the needs of a wide range of cyclists, thanks to its cutting-edge features and quality construction. With the ENGWE X24, adventure and sustainability go hand in hand, offering an exceptional riding experience.


ENGWE X24 Electric Bike

1499€ 2499€
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GeneralBrand: ENGWE
Type: electric bike
Model: X24
Color: black
Small PartsMaximum speed: 50 km / h
Motor power: 1000 W
Maximum torque: 70 Nm
Maximum climb angle: 30 degrees
Tires: 24*4,0 inch
Electric range: 100 km/ 62 miles
Assistance range: 150 km/ 95 miles
Battery Capacity: 48V 19,2Ah (Main Battery), 10Ah (Secondary Battery)
Gears: Shimano 8 speed
Brake: Hydraulic Disc Brake Suspension
: front hydraulic suspension, central spring suspension
Charging time: 8 hours
Front light: LED
Rear Light: 36-48V
Meter: TFT
Suitable Height: 160-210cm/5,2-6,8ft
Load: 150 kg
Charge Phone: Yes
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 37 kg
Package weight: 42 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 186 x 72 x 108cm
Package dimensions (L x W x H): 157 x 33 x 85 cm
Package Contents1 x electric bike
1 x charger
1 x user manual
1 x Tool Set
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