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ENGWE Y600 – Guide to unlocking the maximum speed of 45 km/h

Have you bought or are you about to buy the beautiful and super aggressive ENGWE Y600 scooter, but are you tempted to make the most of the 600W of the motor supplied? We know that all of this is not legal if we use the electric vehicle around the city but if we have private land or a dedicated track available, nothing takes away from the fact that we can have fun. Here I will explain how to do all this in a simple and accessible way for everyone.

How to unlock the speed limit of the ENGWE Y600 electric scooter

This tutorial applies to all electric vehicles, scooters and bikes, equipped with the TF-100 model on-board controller.

Step 1: Power up the scooter

You simply have to turn the supplied key to power the scooter, but be careful not to turn on the on-board controller display yet.

Step 2: preliminary operation

You have to pull the brake lever, the one next to the controller, and keep it pulled. Then proceed to turn on the controller display by pressing the power button (the red one). Always keep the brake lever pulled.

Step 3: Unlock max speed

Still keeping the brake lever pulled, you now have to accelerate 3 times, one after the other. The accelerator lever is the one you find anchored to the controller, in the shape of a hook. To accelerate you have to pull down.

Step 4: Check if the maximum speed has been unlocked

A decidedly simple operation but if not carried out correctly it may not give the desired result. To verify that the unlocking of the maximum speed up to 45 km/h has been successful, without necessarily having to carry out a road test, you can tilt the scooter and lift the wheel slightly. At this point, open the throttle by pulling the accelerator lever downwards. If you see the speed of 45 km/h appear then you are ready to speed along the asphalt and make the most of the engine power of the Engwe Y600 scooter.

How to go back to the legal speed settings?

Of course you can return at any time to the speed permitted by law, i.e. 25 km/h. Nothing could be simpler, that is, you just need to repeat the same procedure, always starting from the situation indicated in the passage

For more information on what and how much you can change the settings of this controller, you can go to this address. If you want to start purchasing the ENGWE Y600 scooter in the meantime, you can do so by accessing the offer you find in the banner below.

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Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

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