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Fatal accident involves Xiaomi SU7. The company is furious, and rightly so

On June 7, 2024, a traffic accident shook China involving the electric car Xiaomi SU7. The event caused the death di a person and injuring three others, raising questions about the safety of the vehicle. According to initial reports from local media, the car lost control as it left a parking lot, hitting other vehicles and hitting pedestrians in the lane reserved for non-motorized vehicles. But the giant has (rightly) taken action.

Fatal accident involving Xiaomi SU7: what happened

In response to initial accusations that the vehicle malfunction was to blame, Xiaomi promptly released an official statement. The company has categorically denied any responsibility of the Xiaomi SU7 in the fatal accident, underlining its active collaboration with the police in the investigation. At the same time, Xiaomi has launched an internal investigation into the vehicle involved.

Xiaomi's statement says that police have recovered data from the vehicle black box, confirming that the car was in normal condition at the time of the accident. This includes the correct functioning of the brake and accelerator pedals, crucial elements called into question in the first hours after the accident. The company has committed to making any new information public promptly as soon as the investigation is complete.

xiaomi su7 fatal accident caught on camera

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Xiaomi also has harshly criticized the Chinese media for their coverage of the incident. The company accused the newspapers of using sensational terms such as "vehicle out of control" and "brake failure" without having accurate information. This, according to Xiaomi, has contributed to spreading misinformation and unjustified panic among the public. But as we know, “put the monster on the front page“. It's not the first time Xiaomi SU7 is involved in a road accident but the extent of the damage this time is substantial.

In addition to cooperating with the authorities, Xiaomi said it is in direct contact with the owner of the vehicle and the families of the victims. The company has expressed its commitment to manage with sincerity and responsibility the consequences of this tragic event, underlining the importance of an accurate and transparent investigation.

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