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Here are the features that OnePlus is studying and that it will introduce in the future

Remember when we told you that OnePlus he was at work to study fingerprint animation and real-time weather background? On that occasion we made you aware of the existence of IDEAS, the platform (or is it better to say forge?) where users and beta testers communicate with each other. In addition to these we also find moderators and programmers who respond to users. From this place it became known in the last hours that the brand is studying one myriad of new features to be integrated with devices with future updates. Let's see which ones

New features coming soon: from IDEAS there are proposals that OnePlus is seriously considering

The new features that will be integrated into the OXYGEN (HydrogenOS in China) are basically 15:

1. Edge notification light

2. OnePlus Dex

3. Call recording

4. Use of Google Apps instead of OP system ones

5. Study mode

6. GCam API support

7. Adaptive brightness enhancement

8. Fingerprint animations

9. Real-time weather backgrounds

10. One-hand mode

11. dark AMOLED

12. More functionality in the alert slider

13. 80% charge limit setting

14. Variable charging speed

15. Choice of which stock applications to install

oneplus features ideas

It should be noted that some of these are already in test phase and they will not be long in coming. Many others are under consideration instead: this means that it will be time before the developers decide to get their hands on the dough. One of the most awaited features is the one that allows the customization of the always on display (AOD): if users' hopes are not ignored, between August and September the team may be able to implement this feature.

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And you use smartphones OnePlus? What are the Features that interest you most and what are you waiting for? In the source you will find the link for the "forge of ideas": we advise you to register there and report your ideas about the future updates.

Source | IDEAS

Through | GSMArena

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