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Xiaomi figure? 15 thousand euro fine for making sales data

The last week was certainly not a memorable one for Xiaomi. In fact, after allegations of violation of their privacy, Lei Jun's company returns to the limelight for more news indeed poco edifying.

A few days ago we reported Hugo Barra's statements regarding the privacy issue. On this occasion, the vice president of Xiaomi Global tried to clarify the angular situation, denying all the rumors and accusations addressed to the company and its Xiaomi Redmi Note.

Today, unfortunately, for Xiaomi, they have emerged new grits. On weibo, in fact, the news appeared, then confirmed, that some sales data dating from last December would have been "tossed".

According to what was reported, Xiaomi released three batches of smartphones on the Taiwanese market in December 2013 (9, 16 and 23 December) for a total of 28.000 units (10.000, 10.000 and 8.000) sold out, moreover, in record time: 9 minutes and 50 seconds the first, 1 minute and 8 seconds the second and only 25 seconds the third. The accusation, brought by the guarantor of the Taiwanese government, would condemn the Chinese company for having deceived consumers, as, in reality, the units sold were 9.339, 9.492 and 7.389. A trick for Xiaomi, a lie according to the Taiwan government!

Xiaomi fine Taiwan

The penalty imposed is the payment of a fine of 600.000 Taiwanese dollars (approximately 14.990 euros), but the most serious damage, however, is to the image of the company. The differences between the real sales numbers and those communicated at the time by Xiaomi are minimal. What worries, in fact, is more than anything else that these data have been altered.

Probably moved by intensifying the hype between the audience, Xiaomi has got a nasty glimpse this time. Learning by doing errors…

Xiaomi immediately replied officially through its weibo profile stating that to the 25.520 units counted by the Taiwanese authority, another 1.750 would be added to buy via F-Code, that is to say the special and simplified purchase method for users who have mostly supported the projects by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi F-Code

At this point we would have to say "alarm re-entered". Xiaomi and its reliability / credibility are still salty, at least until the next scandal ...

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