Review FIMI PALM a jewel of palm technology

I always find it difficult to define this object because in fact not a real category: in fact it is a 2in1 product consisting of a mechanical gimbal 3 very compact axes that integrates a 4k camera. Impossible not to compare it to Dji Osmo Pocket which in fact was the precursor of this type of technological gadget.

FIMI PALM - Unboxing

The unboxing of this Fimi Palm is done very quickly as inside the sales package besides obviously the device there is a short one manuals paper, a cable for USB-C charging and a lens cap of plastic. There is therefore neither a charger nor a memory card.

FIMI PALM - Features

From a first contact you are impressed by the handling of the device thanks to its size 132 x 30,6 x 22,8 cm and a weight of suns 120 gr. Fimi Palm in the handle has a small 1,44 ″ touchscreen display with 320 x 320 px resolution, a 5-way joystick and a multifunction button.

Below the display there is a status led and the microphone. In the lower part there is a rubberized base to allow it to be safely placed on flat surfaces with the connector in the center Usb-c. Next to it is the slot for the card microSD (maximum capacity 256GB) and a buttonhole for a strap and a back 1/4 ″ screw connection standard to connect it to external supports.

The battery is from 1000 mAh able to ensure up to 4 hours of use and it is possible to interface with the device through the Fimi Play app via the integrated 5 Ghz wi-fi. The mechanical gimbal a 3 axis supports the optics from 14mm of equivalent focal length that ensures a 128 ° FOV with a maximum aperture of f / 2.4; images are captured by a sensor 12 Mpx CMOS.

The ISO sensitivity varies from 100 to 3200 and the shutter speed from 30 ″ to 1/8000 ″; both values ​​can be managed both automatically and manually. The photos are saved in jpeg or even in the format raw while the videos are shot in 4K at 30 / 25fps o 1080p at 60 / 50fps in the NTSC or PAL standard, the bitrate is 100M and the codecs used are H264 and H265. There are 2 color profiles, one standard and one s-log which facilitates the color correction work in post production.

FIMI PALM - User experience

It only takes 3 seconds to turn on and be operational. Just a swipe down to easily access all the settings, one towards the other to open the gallery and side swipes to change modes. We pass by photo, video, slow-motion, time-lapse e panorama, each of which has the possibility to work automatically or to easily customize one or more shooting parameters. In addition, the shutter button with a triple click rotates the lens in mode Selfie with the face recognition which works more than satisfactorily while with a double click it is restored to the default position after interacting with the joystick. In the various settings you can choose the action of the gimbal, whether to lock it on one, two or all three axes and the speed of movement and responsiveness of the movements can be customized. All management of the Fimi Palm can be managed remotely through the app Fimi Play.

FIMI PALM - Conclusions

The mistake I made is to think that this is the right object only for those who do vloginstead, it is a useful adventure companion for anyone who wants to create creative photos and videos in many areas. Its compactness makes it the ideal travel companion on holidays thanks to image quality high, motion timelapse breathtaking and slow-motion fun. For those who expect more from the microphone, purchase the original base that integrates the audio jack or a simple 3,5mm to usb-c adapter.

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FIMI PALM - Video review

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Image quality
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  • Value for money
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  • Stabilisation phase
  • FoV 128 °
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Joystick
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  • Image quality in low light conditions
  • Screw connection position 1/4 "
  • Poor quality lens cover
  • Software initially not very intuitive
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