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The first real image of the Xiaomi Mi4 in bamboo

At the launch event of the Xiaomi Mi4, Lei Jun announced that interchangeable back covers made of special materials will be available. Now the first real image of the bamboo model has arrived.

When we first talked about Mi4's interchangeable covers, a shot from Motorola and OnePlus, we did not know whether it was real material or an effect to reproduce such materials.

This question was answered today through a spy photo showing the Xiaomi Mi4 with the bamboo cover. It's really bamboo, which, with the design, size and steel of Xiaomi Mi4, really gives you the feeling of a high quality product.

We still do not know what will be the ways of selling these covers. Will it be integrated into limited batches of Xiaomi Mi4? Or will they be produced and sold separately? Would you like a Mi4 with the bamboo cover?


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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