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Fitbit says goodbye to logging in with your Facebook account

It is not exclusive to Fitbit, but still a convenience, the one that allows access the services of the wearables through the Facebook account. A little bit everyone gives the opportunity to do it but it seems that the company from poco owned by Google decided to take this little thing out. On the official website of the company in fact, right poco ago, a message that communicates that it will not be possible to log in soon via the social network.

Fitbit announces that soon it will not be possible to access the wearables services via Facebook account: the notice has arrived on the official website

In an unspecified period, but still recently, Fitbit posted a message on the official website that says:

Soon you will not be able to access your account with your Facebook credentials. To prepare for this change, make sure you know the email address and password you use for Fitbit. For more information about your Fitbit account, including how to find and change your email address, see ours Help article.

At the moment it is still possible to login via Facebook, as well as via Google. But soon the Zuckeberg's social network will no longer be usable. The reasons have not been disclosed but we doubt that it is some disagreement between the two giants. Soon, therefore, all users will have to rely only on their own account Google. It will not be a big problem: now everyone has one and if this is not the case, creating one is anything but difficult.

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