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[Flash Sale] Dash Cam SJCAM M30 1080p on Sale Only 56 € !!

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All SJCAM brand technology in a dash cam to take your trips to FULL HD! Want to know this fantastic product? Here's a brief taste!

The 140 ° shooting ensures optimal shooting also thanks to the Sony IMX323 sensor. You will immortalize your travels and you will be able to remember the wonderful landscapes you will pass through. Immediate installation and automatic memory management do the rest: just think about driving and the Dash Cam will shoot in complete autonomy.


You do not have to check anything manually: a good news if you were worrying about the safety on your car. And in the unlucky case of accidents, the SJCAM M30 HD will guarantee you an optimal shot to prove your reasons!

Ease of use and compactness are the watchwords of this product! The pieces on offer, however, are not many so be quick!


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