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Floor One Switch S7 by Tineco cleaning the house will become a pleasure!

Let's put it bluntly, floor cleaning really is a big pain! Fortunately, in recent years home automation has come to our aid and we have the possibility of using very advanced devices that can save us time and effort. Although floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaners are very valid products, I am convinced that the best device remains the manual vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner, naturally cordless. But here too we must distinguish between the latter 2: the floor cleaner is undoubtedly the most complete product because it allows us to vacuum the dust and wash the floor in a single pass. However, it is also true that preparation and maintenance takes a little longer compared to the classic vacuum cleaner only which is practically immediately ready for use and whose maintenance is quicker. It should also be said that often we may only need to vacuum dust on an already washed floor. From this discussion comes the logical need to have both devices to always be prepared for the cleaning that is needed at home. So we will have to buy a floor cleaner and a vacuum cleaner, or the Tineco Floor One Switch S7.

Floor One Switch S7 PACKAGE

The product will arrive in a sturdy box and the parts excellently packaged. Inside we will find:

  • Already assembled floor cleaner (roller + clean water tank + dirty water tank) with motor-battery
  • Floor cleaner handle
  • Replacement floor cleaning brush
  • Replacement floor cleaner filter
  • Floor cleaner
  • Central vacuum cleaner body
  • Vacuum cleaner hose
  • Vacuum cleaner brush
  • Sofa brush - vacuum cleaner mattresses
  • Crevice nozzle – upholstery
  • Car wash/dry/refill base for floor cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner base/accessories
  • Blockage brush
  • Instruction booklet in Italian

OPERATION Floor One Switch S7

The fundamental concept of this product is sharing block motor-battery that we will have to move from one to another to use them. Removing it is very simple, we find a lever that we move downwards and unlocking will take place without problems. Once hooked onto the device we intend to use we will be ready to operate. The idea is really smart because obviously we can only use one at a time. The battery will only be recharged if connected to the floor cleaner. The 2 support bases that attach to each other and will keep both devices in a very limited space are very convenient.


Floor One Switch S7


Let's start immediately with the floor cleaner which is certainly the highlight. The quality Tineco you can see it immediately, as soon as you pick it up you immediately understand the premium level of the product.
Let's start with tanks that I'm from 850 ml for clean water and 720 ml for dirty water, with very solid connections. On the dirty water one we also find the Hepa filter which we will have to clean by washing it with running water at the end of each session of use.
Il washing roller it is protected by an excellent and very solid plastic cover that releases with a convenient double lever mechanism, easy to remove and very easy to put back on. The roller reaches practically flush with the edge allowing for almost total cleaning of the floor, you will leave very few millimeters unwashed from the skirting board. Unlocking for replacing the roller is also really simple, using a lever that we have to lift and pull in a few seconds we can remove and put it back on.
The engine develops a power of 250w while the battery is from 3.900mAh which guarantees an autonomy of respectively 28 40-minute if used on the floor cleaner e 25 65-minute when used on the vacuum cleaner. Loading will take approximately 4 hours. The self-cleaning operation will develop a power of approx 30w and the drying one 455w.


There are 4 modes of use available to us:

  • modality CAR: In AUTO mode the floor cleaner automatically detects the presence of dirt on the floor and applies the appropriate amount of detergent and suction power. A red dirt monitoring LED indicates the presence of a lot of dirt and a blue LED indicates the presence of less dirt. This mode automatically provides the best washing solution
  • modality MAX: From AUTO mode press the button once to access MAX mode. In MAX mode the appliance applies maximum suction power and sprays water/solution for the most difficult stains
  • modality SUCTION: From AUTO mode, press the button twice to enter SUCTION mode. In this mode the appliance sucks up water. We recommend using it on a particularly wet surface
  • modality DIY (CUSTOM): This mode allows you to manually set the cleaning parameters via the APP to have total control over our Tineco. It must be enabled by the application, I will explain how to do it later


The display, circular form factor, is located above the engine-battery block. As soon as we turn it on we notice its great quality with bright and well-contrasted colors. As information we find the mode of use, the percentage of remaining battery and a circular crown LED which will change color based on the dirt detected, the Wi-Fi symbol if connected and the icon indicating how the detergent mode is active. On the display we will then receive a series of information during use, together with the vocal feedback we will receive messages for: dirty water tank full, clean water tank empty, roller blocked, floor cleaner blocked, automatic cleaning required, low battery level.

Floor One Switch S7

APPLICATION Floor One Switch S7

Another interesting plus of our floor cleaner is certainly the Wi-Fi interface with which we can connect via the application Tineco which you will find in the store of your smartphone (Android or IoS). Once downloaded and installed you will have to proceed with the guided configuration which is very simple. Below I put, for the less experienced, all the screenshots of the configuration step by step. I remind you to enable "location" and "BlueTooth" on your smartphone and that the step in which it asks to reset the Wi-Fi network, for the first access, is obviously not necessary.

Once the configuration is finished, in the Home page, you will see the Tineco in the "my floor" TAB (bottom). In the second, "cleaning log", you can see the history of your washes. By clicking on "settings" you will instead enter a Menu where you can in order:

  • Change the name
  • Browse the product manual
  • Update the Firmware (fundamental thing that very few devices have)
  • Set the voice (put it in Italian)
  • Download animations (which will have already asked you in the initial configuration procedure)
Floor One Switch S7

Returning to the initial menu, my floor, you will find 2 other important links at the top right. By entering the first, the 4 squares, you will access the "floor cleaning mode list" menu. Here you will find the 3 already selectable modes and an additional one, DIY, which you will have to add to then be able to select and use it. Simply select and click on “Add”.

The only mode that cannot be changed via the app is that CAR, in all the others you can decide the parameters of use by modifying them from the application. Obviously, the most adjustable one is the DIY (I assume an acronym for Do It Yourself) which will allow you to range over a wide range of "suction power" and "nebulization volume" (water release) but also MAX e SUCTION they are customizable.

As the last menu we find the one with the floor cleaner symbol, next to the one with the 4 squares. Here we have 3 tabs which in order will allow us:

  • Cleaning method: Change between default “clean water” or “solution”.
  • Voice feedback volume: settable between none-low-medium-high
  • Operating speed: on or off, turns the front LED on and off


The operation is really very simple. On the handle we find 4 keys, 2 fronts, one on top and one on the back. To start the floor cleaner, click on the front button with the on/off symbol and it will start in "auto"and "solution“. The latter, if not modified via the app, will also be the default washing mode, i.e. with the addition of detergent in the clean water tank. If you want to wash only with water you will have to hold down the button above the power button for 3 seconds which will also be used, with a short click, to change the various modes of use (auto-max-suction-DIY).
The button we find above the handle, with the water drop symbol, will instead be used to start the roller self-cleaning/drying mode which must be carried out at the end of the floor washing, after having positioned the floor cleaner on the base. Remember that to carry out self-cleaning the battery level must be above 30%.
Finally, the button on the back it will allow us to activate/deactivate and adjust the volume of the voice feedback (with a single click), change the language (double click), reset the wi-fi network and then connect to a new network (press it for 3 seconds).

HOW DO YOU CLEAN Floor One Switch S7

Let's start by saying that the cleaning operation is extremely simple and convenient thanks to the fact that it is servo-assisted in every direction in which you push it (Smooth Power). In fact, both forwards and backwards you will have to apply a minimum force and the floor cleaner will move on its own. In the most high-performance ones I tested, the roller dragged forward significantly but obviously never backwards but nothing like the force exerted by our S7 in which the wheels also drag.
The roller will always wash with clean water thanks to Tineco technology MHCBS which precisely takes care of the constant rinsing of the roller.
Another important plus is the LED on the front, the first time I've found it on a floor cleaner. In case of poor lighting in the environment it will become essential to find all the dirt on the floor. I remind you that the LED can also be turned off via the APP.
As for the actual cleaning, I must say that it is excellent, nothing to complain about even the hair (millions) of my cat which is collected in a maximum of 2 passes. Did the classic test with flour, chickpeas, lentils, coffee, etc. and the result was excellent: in a single pass it removed everything, including all the solid dirt.
The cleaning on the edge of the wall is good and is carried out up to a few millimeters from the skirting board, a few millimeters which will be practically invisible.
Another gem is the noise... well, to understand how silent it is you have to try it. In automatic mode it is certainly the quietest floor cleaner I have ever tested.


Maintenance is simple, the steps are these:

  • Place back on base and perform self-cleaning
  • Empty the rinse out dirty water tank
  • Remove, rinse and let the filter dry
  • Empty the clean water tank
  • Remove the roller, clean it if there is any dirt residue, and let it dry

You can see all these operations in the attached video review.

SELF-CLEANING Floor One Switch S7

I could define the self-cleaning and drying of the roller in one word: impressive. For what reason? Well, clearly because of how well the roller drying performs. On other high-level models the drying procedure lasts at least an hour with the relative expenditure of electricity. On the S7, after cleaning the roller which practically leaves no residue either on the roller or on the part where it is attached (to be checked in any case after each self-cleaning) the drying starts which takes approximately 5 minutes dries the roller almost completely. The procedure is obviously a little noisy but then you cannot achieve this result without hearing the powerful air that is produced. The clear cover tray will prevent splashes of water from escaping from the scrub base, which has often happened to me with other scrubbers, and will maintain airflow in the roller area.
Therefore, the final result is excellent both in terms of cleaning, which eliminates every minimum residue of dirt, and the very rapid drying.


Floor One Switch S7


The technical characteristics of the vacuum cleaner have not been released by Tineco, so I cannot tell you exactly the suction power and tank capacity. However, I can assure you that, as far as dust extraction is concerned, it surprised me in a positive way. Even in ECO mode, the least powerful, you will hardly find any dust residue on the ground.
Another positive aspect is the weight, in fact it is very light and this will help a lot to work comfortably and easily.
The tube is not flexible and this does not speak in its favor, however since the brush assembly is very low in height it will be possible to pass it under sofas and furniture although, obviously, you will have to have a little space behind it to fit the length of the tube .


There are 2 modes of use, ECO e MAX. The button to switch from one to the other can be found right in front of the handle. In eco mode, obviously, the suction power will be lower but the autonomy is greater up to 65 minutes while in MAX it stands at around 25 minutes. Based on the dirt on your floor, adjust it to obtain the best performance. I found myself happy with the ECO mode, even with a lot of dirt.


In addition to the main tangle-free motorized brush, which must be used for the floor, we also find 2 other accessories supplied: a motorized brush for upholstery (mattresses, sofas, etc.) and a crevice nozzle with brush.

Both are very comfortable, they will allow us to clean any surface in the house and beyond. In fact, we can also use the upholstery brush on the car seats and the crevice brush to clean all those parts of the passenger compartment that are almost unreachable (such as the gear shift area, dashboard, between the seats, etc.). In case I found the nozzle with the brush to be excellent for cleaning the PC keyboard and inside the wardrobes. In short, let's say that we are practically covered at 360 degrees. The crevice nozzle can of course be attached directly to the handle block or to the extension tube we use for the floor. Useful in this case for cleaning high on furniture, walls (cobwebs), etc.


When I saw it I was pretty sure that the gap with the floor cleaner would be significant. In fact aesthetically it is, it almost appears like a toy compared to the floor cleaner but in reality it sucks very well. Lightweight, therefore very easy to handle, but no problem with all the dust and the usual hair from my cat that it detects.
Tested with solid dirt, the chickpeas I usually use, and here too no problem vacuuming everything. The brush is zero tanglesIn fact, in my tests I didn't detect any, although I must say that in my case there aren't many long hairs which are often the cause of these annoying tangles.
Very good too 4 LED fronts that illuminate the floor excellently and will help us see every little residue of dust.
Excellent cleaning with the crevice nozzle which exerts powerful suction even in ECO mode, good but I must say not excellent cleaning with the upholstery brush. Some small residues on my sofa were not vacuumed up. In these cases a double pass can solve the problem.
The only flaw with the vacuum cleaner is the main floor hose which is NOT flexible. This will obviously prevent us from getting under the furniture where there is no space to pass the tube in its entire length.


Vacuum cleaner maintenance is simple but requires a little attention to avoid dirtying the house, in fact it is advisable to carry it out outside. Open the tank of the dust to empty it from the "bulk", insert the removal tool (i.e. the container that you find mounted in place of the motor), rotate it to extract the filter block. Once removed you can clean it by blowing and washing it under running water. Then you will have to remove the filter HEPA which is magnetically attached to the front and perform the same operation. You can also see these steps in the VIDEO REVIEW. The only precaution is to let everything dry well before using it again.

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The final considerations are obviously made based on the price of the product Switch S7 it is €899. The question I immediately asked myself was whether it would no longer make sense to buy "separate" floor cleaners and vacuum cleaners so as to be able to choose what we consider the best model of both. The answer is yes if we don't have budget problems and no if we want to get the most possible while keeping an eye on saving. It's true, €899 is not a lot... but if we want to purchase an excellent floor cleaner and a very good vacuum cleaner separately, perhaps we will go even beyond this figure. But the thing that would push me to choose the Switch S7 it's the incredible convenience of being able to keep both devices in a single and very small space. In fact, it should not be forgotten that if we bought the two separate products we would then have to manage the charging of each of the 2 and for vacuum cleaners it almost always requires drilling a hole in the wall to fix the charging base. With the Switch S7 this obviously won't be necessary and in just 55 x 30cm of occupied floor space you will have everything at hand.
Having said everything regarding this excellent product, the final decision is up to you, as far as I'm concerned the opinion is absolutely positive and therefore recommended! Below is the link to purchase on Amazon Prime.

Tineco Floor One Switch S7 floor cleaning vacuum cleaner

849€ 899
discount on the product page
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9.4 Total score

Perfect floor cleaners and vacuum cleaners for your home

Floor washing
Floor dust extraction
Roller drying
Docking convenience
Lightness of use floor cleaner
  • Excellent floor washing
  • Power-assisted floor cleaner
  • Large tanks
  • Very good dust extraction
  • Complete accessory set
  • Above average autonomy
  • Simple maintenance
  • Very good car wash
  • Super fast roller drying
  • Non-flexible vacuum cleaner hose
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