Visionox will produce the folding screen for Xiaomi

Last week, the video published by the president of the company aroused great interest Xiaomi Lin Bin, video showing a still-alive prototype of the first folding device of the brand e first ever in terms of bending modeIn fact, to date no flexible device has yet been presented or spotted on two sides, which folded into a sort of booklet. We also did after the release of the video a pair of considerations about the possible exit of the device, which is not very close, and about le criticism from other OEMs who jumped on the chair as they felt like blowing the lead role for a few days. You asked yourself though who will provide our beloved brand with a folding screen? For some time it has been said that the official supplier should have been Samsung but then it was rumored that instead LG it would have been the builder for Xiaomi. Now we have an answer.

Visionox will produce the folding screen for Xiaomi

Visionox folding screen

Leader for more than 20 years in the field of OLED screens, Visionox has implemented an efficient and stable development model that includes everything from preliminary research to pilot projects up to mass production. According to the sources

Xiaomi will supply itself from this company as for the folding screens of his next futuristic device (or next, who knows). Meanwhile, according to data collected by All View Consulting (AVC), Visionox ranked third overall as a producer of AMOLED panels in the 2018 and is planning to produce the 6G folding screens in industrial quantities, then the latest generation ones, which will be installed on the highest-end devices. Yes, because an elite product like this can only be mounted on a latest generation smart device, just like the Mi Flex or whatever you want to call it.

Unfortunately, the company has not announced when production will start, although the upstream study has already ended. So you'll have to wait a long time before seeing a Xiaomi device with the folding screen.

Meanwhile, what do you think of a display like that? Would you like to try it or be scared like me that breaks?


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