Folding Smartphone Xiaomi: first considerations

Two days from official video posted on Weibo by the president Lin Bin, depicting a prototype of the first Xiaomi folding smartphone (and first two-sided folding smartphone to be made), we feel obliged to clarify some things. First of all this is absolutely not a smartphone that will be released soon: the motivations we will give you later but think about it for a moment, we all know. In addition, the video that the co-founder of the Chinese company has decided to show, it is not a promotional video. He himself said he wants to share all the fans of the projects with Xiaomi and therefore, unlike the criticisms they are making in these days coming from the upper floors of the other OEMs, it is not stealing anyone's work. Moreover it is known that the world of technology was born to put the biggest producers in continuous competition: what is the pros, then, to admit that this advertising is a fraud? Because precisely this was said by the vice president of Royole, which presented the first folding smartphone in the world this year at CES 2019.

Folding Smartphone Xiaomi: first considerations

And where is the camera?

First of all: where is the camera? At a first careful analysis we probably do not notice that this device it does not seem to present any camera neither anteriorly nor posteriorly. Of notch (fortunately) there is no trace being a borderless device and a hole. Considering then that the smartphone closes as if to form a booklet, a back space for the camera does not seem to exist. What's on the upper or lower edges? It seems absurd, since the fold that goes outward would not allow you to take pictures. And so? So, as we said at the beginning, it's just a prototype and it is not excluded that Xiaomi is still working to solve this lack. This leads us to think that such a device will not be presented on the market before half a year and maybe even further.

folding xiaomi smartphone

Is it flat or is it not flat?

Second point that should silence the flames of these days: the folding Xiaomi smartphone seems to be curved when fully open. If you notice in the video in fact, when Lin Bin holds it in his hands when open, the device appears slightly curved outwards and does not remain completely flat at the end of bending. Maybe it's an optical effect, but we think that if a terminal like that was addressed to that band of users looking for a phablet with the option to put it in his pocket, then the choice of a display that remains curved is not really an excellent idea . This to Proof of the fact that Xiaomi will not be launching this product soon as the brand may have found a hitch in bringing a display to this final position.

folding xiaomi smartphone

Besides Lin Bin does not hide that the problems behind the experimentation of this device are several, especially those related toadaptation of MIUI and at the flexible screen. So what should I do to make statements about the falsity of a "non-declaration" by the president of Xiaomi? Because it's about this: Lin Bin did not say anything about a hypothetical output, indeed, he clearly wrote "Although it is still a machine under construction, we invite all users to see it ".

In short, all this to say that the unfounded criticisms that are covering Xiaomi these days are really useless and they are the result of a technological struggle that is taking a bad turn, to stay on the subject. In this regard, Xiaomi has left no statement against Royole and we hope that he will not do it either. In the meantime, the company is asking for suggestions on how to call this Xiaomi folding smartphone. Lin Bin suggested Xiaomi MIX Flex which in my opinion is a bit 'trivial. Some suggestions came out from the comments on Weibo were "Mi Flex","Fold Mi" is "Origami". What would you suggest?

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The perfect name would be Mi PieGo

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