How to have the MIUI 10 force touch on the MIUI 11

The hype for the arrival of MIUI 11 it is the stars: after thead of two tickets given to users for a conference dedicated to the eleventh release of the proprietary interface of Xiaomi, many users are on their toes and are just waiting for this. In addition, let's say that i new smartphones of the brand ... in short, we must not be afraid that the big Chinese phone operator will never let us go without words and without news. But about the upcoming arrival of MIUI 11 we want to offer you a way to get in preview, on devices with MIUI 10, a really useful feature that will be officially brought to MIUI 11 upgradeable devices: we are talking about the Force touch.

How to have the MIUI 10 force touch on the MIUI 11

Let's start by telling you what is the Force touch: this convenient feature will be implemented on Xiaomi and Redmi devices to allow users to use shortcuts, or quick links, its any application that is system-based or not. Obviously these links will not be the same for all apps, but will vary according to its functions. Well, with this method we can have all this in advance to decide whether or not it's worth it. Don't worry about storage space: no application must be installed from the Play Store or from third-party sites, but simply update the system launcher.

Just click on this link and download the update. Once the download is done and the antivirus scan is finished the game is done and you simply have to hold on an app (as if you had to change the name of a folder or move it to the bin) to see the aforementioned shortcuts. Here are three examples:

As you can see, based on the application we act on, the result is different: on "Settings" we see "Battery and performance","Use of data" and "Wi-Fi", While on the Stocard app, we can see three loyalty cards among all those in the archive. The interesting thing about this feature is that also works with apk: the photograph on the left shows you how to click on theapk of the Google Camera the drop-down menu appears, giving us the opportunity to choose what to do.

Obviously not being the official release of the feature, there is still no possibility to customize the shortcuts, putting "Take a selfie" rather than "Take a panorama". The developer team behind the MIUI this utility will also bring us, we are sure, but for now we can be satisfied. We would like to underline that everything works on one Global stable version (precisely the therefore we do not assure you that on other versions the result is the same. But if you want to try and give us confirmation, you can comment below!


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