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FOSSiBOT F101 PRO rugged smartphone: Dual display and high performance

FOSSiBOT presents its rugged and high-performance smartphone, the FOSSiBOT F101 PRO which stands out as an excellent choice for professionals and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. With a durable design and cutting-edge features, this device is designed to overcome the challenges of the most extreme environments.

FOSSiBOT F101 PRO, powerful and robust

The FOSSiBOT F101 PRO is a rugged smartphone with impressive features, ideal for those looking for a robust, high-performance device. Presents a MediaTek MT8788 Octa-core processor, capable of providing fast speeds for gaming, multitasking and demanding applications. With 15 GB of RAM (8 GB plus up to 7 GB of extended RAM) and the latest Android 13 operating system, this smartphone guarantees smoothness and speed in operations.

FOSSiBOT F101 PRO features

One of the strengths of the F101 PRO is its camera, which includes a 24MP main and a 5MP macro, as well as an 8MP front camera, offering excellent quality for photos and videos. His battery 10600mAh, supported by one quick charge from 18W, ensures long life, ideal for outdoor adventures.

Respecting them IP68 and IP69K standards, the F101 PRO is resistant to water, dust and extreme conditions, making it suitable for harsh environments. Finally, its 5,45-inch HD+ IPS display offers vivid colors and sharp details, enhancing the overall visual experience to which a second rear display.

FOSSiBOT F101 PRO features

This smartphone also incorporates an innovative second screen, used for multifunctional and energy-efficient functions. The F101 PRO is currently on sale for 299,99 euros but on offer on GeekMall for €129,99 using the discount code 100GEEKMALLCM including fast shipping from Europe.


129,99€ 299,99€
🇪🇺 Including fast shipping from Europe
Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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