PHOTOSPIA: The Xiaomi MI3S metal frame will be from 5.5 "?

The latest circular photos of the chassis Xiaomi MI3S could suggest a larger display than expected for the up-to-date version of Xiaomi's topgame.

At the beginning of the year, photos came from a factory in China that showed the frame of what many considered to be the future Xiaomi MI4. The last details, however, have made the pitch straighten out: the next one will be a Xiaomi MI3S, an update of the current flagship device of the Chinese company with 4G LTE connectivity.

The news "hot"Of the MI3S however, it would concern the adoption of a larger display from 5.5 inches.


Anyone who has had the good fortune to try the Xiaomi MI3 will tell you that it is a great phone although the overall physical dimensions are perhaps a little excessive compared to the 5 inch Full-HD display. A re-modulation with an 5.5-inch display could therefore, at least in principle, be more suited to the size of the phone ... this is not the case.
Any 5.5 inch display will be made at the price of a larger phone.

The Xiaomi MI3S will not have a larger display

We do not think objectively that the Xiaomi MI3S will have a wider display, it will only be revised with some updates (LTE 4G, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 805, 3GB RAM, front camera by 8 mega-pixels).

Circled photos may be relative to another Xiaomi-phone, maybe a XinumX inch Hongmi? or rather a Xiaomi MI5,5A with hardware anyway similar to that of MI3?

The mystery thickens!
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