GearBest news from the new "Italy" site with 2 years warranty

The news that we all expected is finally here: GearBest officially opens the Italian site (and not simply translated), from where we can buy its articles with terms of sale more advantageous than the Chinese site: GearBest Italia

One of the first novelties is the warranty which passes from the current year to 2 years Europe standard!

Another noteworthy detail is that a channel has been opened assistance in Italian ! so to everyone's reach, without any need to explain the problems in English.

Other 2 goodies regarding the warranty are as follows:

  • 3 days broken on arrival (DOA): If the phone gets faulty and will report it within 3 days, GearBest will pay all costs, including those made, and will refund you everything.
  • 14 days satisfied and refunded: you will have 14 days to decide if the purchase is to your liking, otherwise you will be refunded the price paid for the item and the shipping costs related to the cheapest shipping method available at the time of the order.
  • Shipping at the collection point in Germany for the goods to be sent to assistance! It is far cheaper to have it sent directly to China.

The "Italy Express" shipping method is always valid, guaranteeing delivery within 15 working days (usually 7/8 days from the time of shipment) without customs costs.

Regarding the conditions of sale, resale, warranty, etc. you can find everything in Italian at this link: GUARANTEE AND RESERVATION CONDITIONS GEARBEST ITALIA

Good buys at all!

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Kvasnytskyi Mykhailo
Kvasnytskyi Mykhailo
4 years ago

It `s a rip-off. On the one hand they give you the guarantee, but the price makes it rise and a lot. Example zuk z2 co priority line shipping cost around 169 euro - now 240 on Italian site. But it's nice and that on a Chinese site there is no more priority line delivery option. RIP OFF. AVOID THIS SITE NOW

4 years ago

Warranty and assistance cost. It will still be useful for flash bids or discount codes that will arrive.
On the ItalyExpress shipping you are wrong, it is still present on the international site! It is not always listed under priority line but sometimes under standard shipping… as in this case 😉comment image

Kvasnytskyi Mykhailo
Kvasnytskyi Mykhailo
4 years ago
Reply to  Simone

thank you. True, but they take it off then they put it

4 years ago

Hi, but the discount codes are also used there? and is the guarantee always shipped to china?

4 years ago
Reply to  Max

There will be dedicated discount codes.
Repair always in china

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