Discounts on robot vacuum cleaners from GeekMall

GeekMall for the single day he decided to anticipate everyone and focus on a big sale which will only last a few days. The coupons you will see in this article will only be valid from today until midnight on November 13th.

Robot vacuum cleaners, all discounted

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra

Let's start with the “seeded” of the list: the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra which practically incorporates the best that robot vacuum technology is offering. With a suction pressure of 5100Pa, the vibrating cloth for optimal washing, but above all the fantastic self-emptying base that empties the water, fills the tank, cleans the cloth. In short, a real butler to whom we will only have to give the order to clean.

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra will be available on this page at 879 € using the discount code GEEKMALL500

even the Roidmi EVA is a fantastic 3-1 robot that sucks wonderfully and washes thanks to two rotating cloths. There is also the mega-base for emptying which also in this case empties the water, fills the tank, cleans and dries the cloth. A little less powerful than the Roborock but at a truly incredible price.

Roidmi EVA will be available on this page at 649,99 € using the discount code GEEKMALL500

For those on a tight budget, do not worry, there are ILife products that bring you technology at low cost.

ILIFE V9e it has a less advanced navigation system but an enviable power, 4000pa. An ideal product for those with low demands and a small house. It will be on offer on this page at 100 € using the discount code 38MJCQKU


ILIFE W400 it is instead a robot dedicated to floor washing with specific characteristics. It has two tanks: one of 900ml for clean water and one of 850ml for collecting dirty water. It uses a soft roller that is automatically wetted as it scrubs the floor. Even liquid dirt is sucked up during cleaning.

ILIFE W400 will be on offer on this link at 110 € using the discount code 38MJCQKU

We invite you to visit This Page dedicated to the event to find out what other products are on offer.
Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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