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Breaking: Meizu will no longer be independent

Meizu, although it has not arrived in Europe, it has several very interesting devices in its catalog. One of these, the latest released in chronological line, is the Meizu 18 flagship. The series consists of three models that suit all tastes: those who want it compact, those powerful, those larger. Well, maybe the policy (pretty fair in our opinion) of the company could change in the future as that the Chinese giant could be bought by Geely.

News that shakes the Chinese market: Geely intends to buy Meizu, the well-known smartphone manufacturer. The details

According to what they report Chinese media, Meizu could soon be bought by Geely. Geely has already taken a few steps in the direction of smartphones. Indeed, after Xiaomi announced its project for Xiaomi Auto, Geely founded Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xingji Times), positioning itself in the field of high-end smartphones.


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The source claims to have requested information from both Meizu and Geely who, at the time, have decided to do not make statements. On the management side, Wang Yong, CEO of Geely's smartphone industry, was once vice president of ZTE. After leaving ZTE, Wang Yong entered the ASUS as Deputy Director General of China. 

In short, the knowledge of the upper echelons in the smartphone industry it is not of a poor standard. For the moment we stop here but stay tuned if there is any other information regarding the purchase of Meizu by Geely.


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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