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GEEMAX C2 the compact and elegant treadmill! And it reaches up to 12km/h

Do you have limited space at home, but want to keep fit? It is better to start with this treadmill, the GEEMAX C2! Due to its length of approximately 1.2m, and maximum height of 1m it is suitable for smaller venues. The product is quite versatile and arrives at your door ready to be used: assembly requires very few steps so you can start training in no time!


Are you already intrigued? Great, let's get started!

Once the box is opened, which in our case suffered a little during transport, but thanks to the double protective layer of polystyrene and cardboard, the contents are absolutely pristine! - we immediately find the main piece: the treadmill platform with the control panel.

Inside, in addition to the carpet, there are also two batteries for the remote control, the remote control itself, two hex keys and one to tighten the bolts, a star screwdriver and the safety magnet.

To turn it on, just take it out of the casing, connect it to the current, and depending on how you want to use it, raise or lower the rods with the handrails and the control panel: leaving everything down, you can use the treadmill for walking and fast walk: a small screen at the beginning of the roller indicates the speed and everything is controlled with a bluetooth remote control (batteries included! while if you want to run, to ensure greater stability and to use the safety magnet, the rods must be raised and locked manually with two hooks at their base, a real breeze.


The first mode of our GEEMAX C2, is the one for walking and it's very simple: you can just adjust the speed between 1 and 6 km/h, start and stop it with the remote control.

The second, thanks to the control panel and the safety magnet (which stops the run immediately when detached) certainly allows you to indulge yourself a little more: first of all you can exceed the speed of 6km/hreaching up to a maximum of 12km/h, there is the possibility to see how many calories have been burned, the distance traveled and the steps, as well as the remaining or completed training time.

This mode also allows the treadmill to use various programs and modes that can help vary the workout: the modes are entered manually and you can decide how much to burn, how long to walk, how many steps or how many kilometers, while the programs are 12 completely preset customizable to create your own routines.

If you press the program key 13 times instead there will be the possibility of using the treadmill to perform a fat mass test: to complete it correctly, all the instructions are in the booklet supplied with the treadmill.

Finally, when used with the panel you can monitor your heart rate with the metal plates placed on the handrails, connect the bluetooth audio so you can train with your own playlist and connect the Fitshow fitness app which also allows you to control the treadmill same.

Behind the column, thanks to the screwdriver and the key for the bolts, you can arrange the support for mobile phones and tablets, which will be folded downwards upon arrival.


The maintenance of the Geemax C2 is very simple: from a classic carpet every now and then it must be fixed with a round of silicone oil, to allow the correct sliding of the belt of the carpet. a silicone bottle is already included!

In case of misalignment of the belt, there are also hexagonal keys in the package to fix it.

The carpet, in addition to being aesthetically very pleasant given the modern design, is an excellent means for daily training with walking and brisk walking: up to 5-6 km/h it is silent, it probably counts the steps and is comfortable.

The height of the column and the mobile phone holder are perfect for maintaining good posture while walking (which is absolutely not a given).

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about the use for running: once the 8 km/h is exceeded, the treadmill platform, given its small size, becomes a bit noisy but let's say in line with the products of the same segment.

The other flaw I noticed is the safety magnet mechanism: at low speeds it does its job absolutely, i.e. it blocks the poco more than a second, preventing the user from falling off the platform. The problem arises when the magnet detaches at 10 km/h: the footrest nails, always in about a second, creating a tripping effect given the high speed that made me tumble towards the control panel, forward rather than down. 'backwards.

If you don't have feline reflexes, I advise against using it except in cases of imminent danger!


Undoubtedly the product deserves to be evaluated, especially when compared to the price at which you can take it home thanks to GOOD BANG (which we thank for sending the sample) and our coupon. In fact, if we find it in the list for €449, today you can win the Geemax C2 for poco more than 300€ and at this price it's definitely a sensible buy. We remind you that, to protect your purchases, you can pay with PayPal and delivery will take place in within 3 - 5 working days directly from a warehouse located in Europe, therefore without the risk of having to deal with annoying customs duties. Having said all this, we just have to recommend good purchases!

GeeMax C2 treadmill up to 12Km/h

328€ 449€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
7.8 Total score
Value for money OK!

A good product that allows you to run up to 12Km/h!

Platform size
Safety release
Heart Rate Sensors
  • Compact
  • Elegant
  • Accurate HR sensors
  • Double Display
  • Touch commands
  • Many customizable modes and preset programs
  • Platform a bit small
  • It gets a bit noisy above 8km/h
  • Safety magnet makes the carpet nail, not a sensible choice
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